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New to networking and am trying to understand something.  I have a switch on vlan 10 and I setup a trunk port to configure a new switch that will be on vlan 30.  How do I configure my vlan 10 switch so that it will see vlan 30 as well as the new swit...

Jim Yorke by Beginner
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Resolved! C9200 with NM-4X

Hello all,I have a stack of C9200-24T with NM-4X modules. I have a couple 1G SFPs installed and in the running-config I can see G1/1/1 - G1/1/4 and T1/1/1 - T1/1/4 so I figure I could use G1/1/1-G1/1/4 since I have 1G SFPs. But then I run "show int s...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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I ran C9300. There were "BOOT FAIL:N" errors occured when i powered the switch.And, system LED was blinking in Amber color.I changed the power module and fan module but, it was not problem.What should I do??Help me, i only have been worked 1 week as ...

Hi i have a question,I have a single CBS350 switchI have a DHCP server sitting behind VLAN 2 with IP address have clients sitting behind VLAN 32.Both VLAN interfaces have an ip address assigned.Am i right the only configuration i need on...

navs1888 by Beginner
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Hey All,I've got 2 separate switch stacks that are having this issue in our network. When logging in through the console, I'm only able to login with our local login credentials to the master switch. Member switches give me a response of "Tacacs sess...

devingu by Beginner
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There's a statement concerning the auto-upgrade feature in the 3850 consolidated platform guide that I'd like a little more clarity on.From the guide:Note: A switch in VM mode might not run all released software. For example, new switch hardware is n...

LeoMccoy by Beginner
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