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Hey gang,  I've been using Packet Tracer (v7) to do a little bit of design work and what not, and I noticed a peculiar problem when I simulate a link failure in a very basic OSPF environment. At first I thought maybe it was my config (knocking some d...

brian03801 by Beginner
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Hello,Is there a simular command, I can run  on NX-OS to find out the ntp offset.  Cisco IOSR1#show ntp associationsaddress ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp*~10..x.x.x 10..x.x.x 4 400 1024 377 15.713 -0.818 1.103* sys.peer, # selected, ...

TommyM by Beginner
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is it possible to tag non-video data as video data for the data coming form specific access port? can it be faster for non-video data coming from specific access port?   if so, where to configure these?  what are the commands? besides LAN do this, ca...

Maivoko by Beginner
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I always thought that setting the hello and hold timers to different values on HSRP partners would not allow it to work or atleast not allow preemtion to wor. It seems to work fine in lab. Am I missing something?Thanks, Pat.

Good morning,   Trying to ping hosts on the same vlan (vlan 10) across a pair of 2950s.  Oddly, each host cannot even ping its own switch or vice versa.  Here are the shows: Switch_1:Switch_1#show cdp neighborsCapability Codes: R - Router, T - Trans ...

paquinjrm by Beginner
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Hi, Please can someone help me to figure out why this configuration doesn't work. As soon as I make port 24 on the HP a member of the trunk setup on the HP pings go down and comms are lost. Port 22 on the Cisco 3560X is connected to port 24 on the H...

Hello everyone, I'm currently studying for the ICND2 and I'm having trouble understanding the answers (which are officially a & d) of this question (see the attached picture).   I agree with the "d" answer which is "This switch uses RSTP" but I don't...

bastien1 by Beginner
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Hi, I have a distribution switch There are multiple vlan vlan 1010.0.10.1 /24 vlan 15 /24 vlan 1110.0.11.1 /24 vlan 20 /24 vlan 25 I have connected one firewall (so i can monitor intervlan ) to the distribution switch...

Resolved! IT Administrator

I have a Cisco ASA 5505, with IPSec VPN configured.  Everything was working just fine, until I needed to disable Split-Tunneling.  Basically, we need to have all computers connected to the VPN to have their internet connection go through the ASA.  So...

I'm new to the Cisco world and I'm having issues with configuring Port-Security.   My setup looks like this:    PC1------->SWITCH<---------PC2   On my 3550 Catalyst Switch, running 12.2, at home I'll type in the typically port-security commands while...