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I have Cisco 3850's and noticed memory being used more than 85%. 94% memory being used on couple of. All are running on Everest 16.6.2 IOS.    Memory (kB)  Slot  Status    Total     Used (Pct)     Free (Pct) Committed (Pct) 1-RP0 Warning  3983068  37...

Hi,   I have tried to configure Windows 2016 as NTP server to sync with Cisco swicthes and have modify the registry as per some guides, but no luck. i also installed third party NTP software Meinberg, but still no luck. Can someone please advise.   R...

I have a new virtualized Coreswitch on top my current two Core switches. The new virtualized Coreswitch now has all physical connectivity to the WAN devices. Basically it's sitting in between the current routing Cores and WAN devices.   I want to mig...

I saw from a article about the vlan cross. https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/it-ops/5-big-misconceptions-about-virtual-lans- ''Connecting together two access ports that are in different VLANs. Suppose SW1 has port Ethernet0/1 configured as an access p...

wuliting by Level 1
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Good Morning,   my customer bought those models of data center switches. My questions is:   Cisco, for the 5672 provides an adapter that convert a qsfp 40g to a sfp 10g, so i can use my 10g optic modules on this switch. Unfortunately on the 2332, thi...

Hello everyone,   I am managing a DMVPN infrastructure with two Hubs and around a thousand of Spokes. There is approximatively all Spokes "Tunnel 2" going to Hub2 UP and running well. I had move the HUB1 from a datacenter to another and since, i have...

Clément by Level 1
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Hello,   I am aware that DMVPN can be configured without IPSEC (DMVPN with multipoint GRE) but not sure whether it will work without Security license on ASR 1001 series router ?   Also I want to know whether "adventerprise" license on ASR 1001 alread...

Resolved! Vlan ACL

Hi   I have enabled the intervlan in catalyst switch 3560 24PS but i m not able to configure VLAN ACl for few vlans which are already configured  My question is in catalyst switch 3560 24PS  can we configure  the vlan ACL  

kallapur1 by Level 1
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Resolved! Cisco 2811

Hello,   I have tried the fixes from the forum and I'm still having problems logging into the ios. I did the confreg 0x2142 etc and when done with other steps, I did the config-register 0x2102.   Every time I do that, I still get prompt to type in th...

moman62 by Level 1
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