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Hi so i'm trying to create an EEM script that will check the firmware version on the switch, if it doesn't match the correct specified version it needs to update.   something like this: event manager applet model event none action 1.0 cli command "en...

Comm4nd0 by Beginner
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Hi I have new CISCO2911/K9 router and installed VIC2-4FXO on it, I can see all 4 ports are orange lighting, I need to configure 2 ports connected to PABX and other 2 ports to PSTN, I have the config from another router, but the issue is when I type c...

Hi i have to subsets (VLAN1) (VLAN100) i want to deny VLAN1 from accessing VLAN100 VLAN100 should NOT have any restriction how to acheive this through ACL? also where to apply it? on VLAN100 interface only? or all inte...

Good morning   We have a cisco router 1921 with IOS 15.2(3).T3. Searching for a new IOS, we found 15.4(3)M9(ED) and 15.5(3)M7(MD) as candidates We need no new features, only fix vulnerabilities.   1 - Which IOS do you recommend to consider for this r...

Hello, I am finding that I there are many OIDs I cannot poll now that I have migrated to SNMPv3 on this switch. Which specific MIB should I be using to poll CPU, temperature, Netflow and interface traffic statistics on a WS-C3650-48PD via SNMPv3 ? Th...

Hi Team, i have a cisco 1941 router where the serial link is not coming up.below is the config     tried to reconfigure one by one config .identified when we are applying encapsulation or crypto the link is going up down status.   Please suggest on t...

Robo123 by Beginner
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I have a simple network topology. Three PC´s connected to a switch to a Router. Before creating VLANs and assigning interfaces to VLANs, I was able to ping the router from all PC´s. After creating 3 VLANs and setting gig0/1 to trunk mode wich is the ...

Hello,   New to the ISR 4400s and I'm finding that there are some commands that seem to be missing.. I'm trying to do very simple things like prevent snmp,ssh, etc.. to any IP other than the management interface (G0).. I've tried using MPP - the "con...

A few days ago, trying to demonstrate how auto-summarization works and when it should or not be disabled, i met a strange situation where a router, which was not between two major networks was generating and sending summaries.Here's the topology used...

stdejongh by Beginner
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