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LAN Problem

Hi Dears there are two departments one is IT and another is HR From IT to HR connected through single mode ofc and using SFP module. In HR depatrment there are two switch SW1 ip  is SW2 ip is (Here SW1 is connected wit...

DHCP Vendor specific options config

Hello all, I need to re-create a Windows DHCP server config on a 3850 switches stack. No problem for scopes without vendor specific options but I need some help for the VOIP phones scope : On the Windows DHCP server, I have several options with Ven...

Resolved! Problem Network L3 C3650-24TS

Hi, I want to configure a little network where I have 1 Router Linksys and 2 Catalyst C3650-24TS.  I have the next picture. ip routing! !!!!interface GigabitEthernet0/0 vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf no ip address negotiation auto!interface Gigabit...

Switch Console password

Hi, I've set the console password on a switch however when I hyperterm onto the switch I don't get prompted for a password. Below is the commands I put in for the console password. Line console 0 password (password) Login Can anyone explain where ...

Resolved! Switch 2960_48 port having issue, unable to boot the flash file. How to proceed with the same.??

switch: flash_initInitializing Flash......The flash is already initialized. switch: load_helperUnknown cmd: load_helper switch: dir flash:/Directory of flash:// 2 drwx 512 <date> c2960-lanlitek9-mz.122-55.SE10 557 -rwx 108 <date> info 558 -rwx 1048 <...


Hello Guys CISCO2911/K9 Router does it need UC License to show UP PVDM3 in the router Inventory Thanks