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I have a WS-C4507R+E with 2 x SUP8-E. The "Configuration register is 0x2102".I'm planning upgrade the IOS XE to the latest version using ISSU.the configuration has the "boot system flash statement pointing to the current IOS".Question:I have a WS-C45...

Hi everybody I am kinda curious as to why R1 is not choosing the oldest route EBGP route from R3 with everything being equal up to MED ( MED is skipped as 200,200,.200.200 32 is not being announced from Same AS) SET UP: Above R2 and R3 are advertis...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi,   Anybody knows what is my switch trying to say by "Configuration register = 0x2102 (will be 0x2942 at next reload)"   I googled the meaning of config register 0x2942 but I cannot find any explanation.   Here is the whole CLI output containing th...

mifi by Beginner
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Is it just me or is the release of the Sup 9-E the quietest 4500 leap in the history of the platform?  Is it intentionally being kept quiet during its initial limited release (only shipping to select customers right now) in an attempt to keep custome...

casanavep by Participant
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Hi everyone I have the topology like you can see on the attached file, and I can't reach R3 from R5 and CAT2 can reach the hole network..   for ex, R5 can not reach loopback of R3  routing table of the CAT-2- for --------------...


HI guys, I am having issue on prefixes received from external BGP neighbor. I can see the number of prefixes received but they are not shown in the BGP or IP routing table. My device is Cisco WS-6509-E with IOS 122-33.SXI4a.bin and using WS-SUP720-3B...

robin99 by Beginner
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Hello, I walked into a setup currently with 5 2960x switches daisy chained in a line, they all do have sfp+ ports on them. I would like to find something with atleast 5 sfp+ ports on it so I could bring all these 2960's into it. They only have about ...

I have two cisco 3850 mode ws-c3850-12XS-E with to 4 10G network module.I have setup cisco stackwise virtual on those swithes via to 10G link as SVL link and one 10G as dual active detection and two switches have been stacked. I connect two 1G link f...

adnanbiek by Beginner
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hey guys, so im no expert and i would really appreciate any help  so i need to assign each port on switch 3 (the one connected to the pcs) with multiple vlans so instead of making them access ports i made them trunking ports and i allowed the vlans i...


Hi I am getting cpu hike in 3650x     PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process 4 1267300 56731 22338 11.34% 1.61% 1.31% 0 Check heaps 145 10688400 2010542 5316 9.26% 9.38% 9.72% 0 Hulc LED Process 66 4284063 641473 6678 4.15% 4.32%...

Hello Cisco Support Community--I have this topology:  (Actually, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 are connected with two parallel links--one is a Port Channel and the other is a regular Gig E).  Here's what I want to do:     Create a two VTP domains, with one VL...

we have a old router R0, running ospf and bgp with backbone router Rb, R0 is backup path for bgp. we have another router R2, which is bgp primary path router. R0 has two interface, one with service provider, the other is lan interface connected with ...

Mary by Beginner
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