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Hi, To get a functional SSH in a packet tracer lab, I've done the following:ip domain-name [name]username Admin priv 15 secret [password]aaa new-modelcrypto key generate RSA1024At this point, I'm able to access the router from one of the PCs in packe...

OllerTech by Level 1
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Resolved! Frame-Relay

Hi! I'm trying to put up a lab in GNS3 with Ipv6 and OSPFv3   I need to put up Frame-Relay.   So I have R1 connected to FRS port 1 DLCi 101 mapped to port 10 DLCI 202 To R2 R1 connected to FRS port 1 DLCi 102 mapped to port 11 DLCI 203 To R3   Config...

Hi folks, hope someone can help.   I currently have a Linux DHCP server sitting in a VLAN behind the NXS. All hosts in this VLAN get IP from the Linux server. I want to configure a second DHCP server on a diffferent VLAN and intend to use dhcp relay ...

geeksy by Level 1
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I have a 2960-X stack with 4 switches in a stack configuration. I have one touch via SFP (te1/0/1) to my core and was wondering if i could setup a second touch to my core switch from the last switch in the stack te4/0/1 for redundancy? If so how woul...

Hello, I have a Dell EqualLogic PS4210 storage array and a Dell R730 server attached to a Cisco SG200 50 port smart switch.  Using vsphere vcenter I configured the host and the ports on the array, but I can't seem to get the ports on the switch confi...

eleach by Level 1
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2 questions, actually:   1. Which port is which? 2. Why am I seeing ten gig ports in the switch config?   I have "inherited" a stack of 3 3750x-48's. Each one has its own C3KX-NM-1G module with 4 ports. Each C3KX-NM-1G has 2 GLC-SX-MM gbics installed...

bhagen by Level 1
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There're some options like: perSONAR, OWAMP, Netnorad?. About the last one - it's a tool that was created by Facebook engineering to monitor their DC. The best thing about Netnorad is that the tool is able to randomize source port numbers, so the pol...

from88 by Level 4
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Hello All,   I am trying to to identify issue on network that consist Catalyst 4510R +E , having two  L3 Vlan's. <<>> We have application that connecting to a server that reside on tcp port 5080 , and thee issu...

Tbaror123 by Level 1
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Hello Experts, We have a few remote sites with dedicated internet access (mostly 1 Mbps up/down). We have configured GRE tunnels back to the HQ. In each location, we have maximum two users with Internet access which will use the same internet connect...

License by Level 1
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