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Hi Cisco Techs, For all router on a stick scenarios, does ip nat outside command represent the external ip address that Isp gives the router? What would occur when there is a ISP supplied router and then cisco router? Does that mean double NAT?

Hello, I'm using a 1941w router and recently added a EHWIC-D-8ESG-P which has 8 ports. I had planned on splitting them into 2 different wired networks. To do this I was going to bridge 4 ports together. I attempted this with the 2 ports that the 1941...

Ed Lo by Level 1
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I was given a switch by a friend because he says it wont boot up.  Being the hard headed individual I am, I said I would try!!3750 Locks up during boot.  Notice attached picture for hardware test passed.-----------------------------------------------...

dleonhart by Level 1
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I have a couple if issues on my network at present and I'm sure im chassing my tail so want to verify that my port channel from my Cisco 2960 to Cisco SG300 is setup corectly. I've read a host of post's that mention Native VLAN giving problems and I ...

Hello,  hope everything is okay with all of you.  just wonder if anyone know the optimum power supply for IE-4000-8GT4G-E  as per the following datasheet  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/switches/industrial-ethernet-4000-series-s...

I currently an running a fairly old 3825 router with an internal 48-port FastE switch card doing layer-3 routing.  I have the responsibilities split between them with the 3825 doing BGP on a /19 public network that I own, and the switch segmenting th...

abraxis by Level 1
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Hello,   I would like to monitor the state of a WS-C3850-48XS configured as a stackwise virtual. What are the SNMP OIDs involved ? Does anyone have a list of these OIDs and their description ?   The only information I found is the root OID :

Florian P by Level 1
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Looking to tunnel between two routers however i cannot use IP addresses at all for either source or destination. Currently i have the source set to fa0/1 to combat this however i cannot set the destination ip at all. this also occurs with hostnames i...

Minuit by Level 1
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Hi There are three kinds of policers: single rate two color, single rate three color and dual rate three color. Looks like the last one has good feature. But I do not know in what situation or what device we use one of these three policers? or can we...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hi Friends, I am very new beginner. Studying VXLAN. I learn VXLAN has many advantages over VLAN like Scalability and remove vlan number limitation. Can anybody give some practical example/experience how VXLAN can be more helpful considering VLAN.   B...

i need to configure cisco jabber for 15 user in our office i want the requirement to configure cisco jabber . i need to know how to configure jabber is server and how to install client , and i need to know the license cost for 15 users. can anyone he...

prince.p by Level 1
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