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Block ARP traffic on interface

Hello! Me shall need block ARP traffic on Interface. I try follow command: conf t int gi0/8 ip access-group 100 in no arp arpa I create ACL access-list 100 permit ip 100 permit ip ...

3em0nd001 by Beginner
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Resolved! Interconnecting VRFs

Hello, I am putting together a test lab for VRFs. I want multiple different VRFs to connect to one VRF but not share any information between the other VRFs. For an example: I have a VRF for computers "ip vrf Computers" and I want this to talk to "i...

Shawnw4401 by Beginner
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Native Vlan

Hi i understand that on an 802.1q link you need both ends to agree on the native vlan, and that any traffic that isn't tagged will drop into the native vlan.  But whats confusing me is if you've got a network set up then surely your tagging all vlan ...

andymorph by Beginner
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OSPF in N7k

Hi guyes, I have ospf under vrf to connect 2 different VDCs. Interface between VDCs use /30 ip aaddress but when I try to show routes it does not show /30 route rather /32 for all the different IPs for that /30 routes. Such as I have configured an in...


Good Day, I am getting this error on one of my switch and ports get into error-disable.  %PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: loopback error detected on Gi1/0/1, putting Gi1/0/1 in err-disable state There is no loopback configured on either of switches plus duplex is ...

Vlan to internet

Hi. I have Catalyst 3560 switch and I need to get from one vlan to the internet. Router IP: Vlan10: Need computers on the network to access internet. Thanks.

Distribution Layer to Access w/ HA

I have two distribution switches and a single access layer switch.  I want to configure the access switch to connect my APs.  I would like to configure the access switch to connect to both distribution switches.  I was working with vPC in another lab...

Evan Ray by Beginner
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SWAP STACK SWITCHES 1>presently the switches(2960) are of different series and new switches are 3750, i need to swap the switches without any downtime .

QoS question

Hello, on the older Cisco switches you used to see all the QoS setup code in the config e.g groundword setup for queues/weightings/mappings/overflow).: +mls qos map policed-dscp  0 10 18 24 46 to 8 +mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 56 +mls qos...

VSS Quad on 4500 Example Configuration.

Hi community,                      I need your support over how to configurate a VSS on switch 4500 with 2 supervisor in each device. I have this document with this reference but no is very clear. Please someone that knows about this configuration: ...