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hi everyone,Can someone explain to me the usage of VRF-Also? I have a pair of CAT6880-X. I setup SSH and want to lock down access to management to only my management subnet. Since I have a lot of SVI, i don't want people on those VLAN access the mana...

HIeu Phan by Level 1
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  hi team,   i have Cisco 9200L its not boot properly its showing below logs     Initializing Hardware...Bus is busy - 0x2(status)ERROR: TAM write failed (3000)ERROR: TAM write failed (3000)act2_read_raw_idprom failed...Unable to read byte 1. Timing ...

Hi,Is there any way to simulate Cisco switch stack by using IOSvL2, If yes, how to configure it.If we can't then how to simulate switch stacking using gns3.Thanks in advance.

ashz14387 by Level 1
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Hello,If we want to make stacking across two cisco 9300, should the data stacking cable cross over like below pictureor we can config like below picture?What pro and cons if for each two topology? 

hs08_1-1693894611089.png hs08_0-1693894482490.png
hs08 by Spotlight
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Hello All,I am trying to run manual backup event manager and keep getting abort message. I tried belowconfiguration with using action 6.0 as well and it doesn't work. Please help me to resolve this issue.event manager applet BACKUP-CFGevent noneactio...

Hello, I'm an IT technician in a company. I installed 5 Cisco C1000 switches, and they initially worked normally. However, after some days, they froze, and I couldn't ping them or access their web interface. As a temporary solution, I rebooted them a...

Dear All, I have a question regarding voice configuration. We have C9200 cisco switch. I want to understand configuration see below configuration. class-map match-any system-cpp-police-ewlc-controldescription EWLC Controlclass-map match-any AutoQos-4...