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Distribution Layer to Access w/ HA

I have two distribution switches and a single access layer switch.  I want to configure the access switch to connect my APs.  I would like to configure the access switch to connect to both distribution switches.  I was working with vPC in another lab...

Evan Ray by Beginner
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SWAP STACK SWITCHES 1>presently the switches(2960) are of different series and new switches are 3750, i need to swap the switches without any downtime .

QoS question

Hello, on the older Cisco switches you used to see all the QoS setup code in the config e.g groundword setup for queues/weightings/mappings/overflow).: +mls qos map policed-dscp  0 10 18 24 46 to 8 +mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 16 24 32 46 48 56 +mls qos...

VSS Quad on 4500 Example Configuration.

Hi community,                      I need your support over how to configurate a VSS on switch 4500 with 2 supervisor in each device. I have this document with this reference but no is very clear. Please someone that knows about this configuration: ...

Resolved! Subnetting

Hi, General type of question (not specific to cisco products).  I purchased a Static IP from service provider, can I subnet this public address to get more public IP addresses?  If possible, D.G Way would be same as provided by ISP or something diffe...

amh4y0001 by Participant
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Routing or NAT issue - Help!?

Hi guys, hopefully someone can help me out here. We have a corporate network which is accessed by a remote site. Everything is working except access to a corporate mainframe system. Here's the setup of the remote site: Corporate subnet (CS) - 10.28.9...

Which model is suitable ?

I have the inquiry which have not mentioned any model but they have written the main feature which are :- 1. Multilayer switch feature card with IOS, IP/IPX and W/VIP 2. Supervisor engine with the following feature:-  512-MB DRAM,  Policy feature car...

Eng.mwc by Beginner
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Non-responding Cisco LAN Switch

Hello Team, One of the Cisco LAN Switches that are installed for us is not responding.   The node is programmed with address, but when we try to reset it to assign it its right IP address (we apply the process described in the manual – ...