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Hi, Would like to seek advice on encountered issues with our network. We have a campus network and for security purposes, we configured sticky MAC and allow only three (3) MAC addresses to every ports. One of our users call our attention and reporte...

jrdejesus by Beginner
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Is there a way to configure either a switch or a router at a small remote site to find rogue DHCP servers such as a user plugging in a home wireless router that issues IP addresses to clients?   I know we could configure DHCP Snooping to only allow ...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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I am connecting a cisco 4500X to a checkpoint firewall PIM is enabled on the firewall but the switch is Just L2 I see the switch is receiving PIM Hellos and IGMP reports from the firewalls. but I don't see the port to the firewall as an mrouter port...

if MAC security drops a packet because it is OOO, will the interface increment the "input error" counter? if not, does the router increment any counter?

cp0983 by Beginner
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Hello, Just getting APIC-EM 1.5 going to help us with a QoS re-deployment.  When I preview a generated policy (2960X access switch) for my test scope using the CVD defaults I do not get a voice ACL for classifying my Lync traffic.  There are ACLs for...

Hello My statement is correct about inconsistent state? If i do enable Root Guard feature on fa0/4 port then if this port will detect superior BPDUs then it will goes to inconsistent state. inconsistent state same like error disable state but little ...

nnn_sss22 by Beginner
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Folks, I have a backbone ring with 3 cisco nexus 3064pq in layer 3 version 7 of the nx-os system. I use it for ospf v4 and v6, average traffic of 11Gbps with connection of 6 Bras pppoe. I'm noticing the very high usage of cpu for some processes like...

Hi, I just started to look into MPLS and found about VRF. How I understand about VRF is that it usually works with BGP. But when I see our core switch at work, I only see EIGRP with VRF, and as you know BGP isn't configured in Core switch... What...

ohforce55 by Beginner
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hello,  we have been asked to create a file such .bat or any thing else that could deactivate all the routing on Nexus 7010 . please could any one helep on explaining it because I went through the web looking for any information aboiut this but in v...

Upgrading a NX 7K.A scp copy of SO image from a server to NX7K bootflash is very very slow.It took more than an hour to copy 30% of n7000-s1-dk9-npe.5.2.7.binDoes anybory have a sugestion ?Thanks Rosa