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Resolved! Replacing a router

hi  everyone,  One of our clients is changing their Pfsense router, and we're goning to replace it with a cisco.  I've never worked on pfsenses, and the client need to migrate the complete configuration to the cisco. I've uploaded the .xml configurat...

haa by Level 1
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Hi, I need help regarding Ipv4 and IPv6 configuration on LAN interface the config is below- interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0 description LAN ip address no ip redirects no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp ip flow ingress ip p...

by Not applicable
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Hello, I need to plug a Cisco switch in to a production network in order to do some testing. I understand this will cause a spanning-tree root bridge re-calculation which could take out the network temporarily. Can I avoid this by simply disabling sp...

hi Sorry to all,I changed my router and i can not again connect to internet.I have done the configuration as i did before but this time i am missing some thing there is again no internet access. please have a look at the following configuration and...

arif48301 by Level 1
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Hello, I have been trying to find an upgrade for the C2960-48TC-L switch where the CMP telnet vunerability (CSCvd48893) has been fixed, but it seems the latest ios from the download page for this switch was released sometime in November 2016, before...

mo shea by Level 1
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Hi all,, Can anyone please explain me the OSPF LSA types applicable for Cisco Devices,, 1.Router LSA 2.Network LSA 3.Summary link LSA (Generated by ABR sends update to opposite area) 4.Summary Link LSA (Generated by ABR sends updates to opposite area...

skraon001 by Level 1
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Hello, I'm using a 1941w router and the default gatway to access the gui through a browser is . As I'm new at using it I was learning how to do things and so to make things go back to normal I looked at how to reset and erased the nvram. N...

Ed Lo by Level 1
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Hello -  Trying to add a 6708 10G-3C blade to an existing 6509-E chassis with 6509-E-FAN, but I am getting the below error message.  My understanding is that the fan is supposed to automatically recognize the 67xx blade that requires 84 cfm and move ...

Mike A. by Level 1
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Please excuse my ignorance here, I am relatively new at this switch and router management. Historically I have been in security, but the guy who normally handled this left rather unexpectedly. We have 2960's spread across three states in different lo...