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Hi All, Good Day, I am having a hard time about understanding Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). Do you have a brief explanation on how the process goes? Thanks a lot for your help Pat

Hi All,My 4507R with SupIV and IOS 12.2(31)SGA10 recently started to recieve this log message quite frequently. Any ideas as to why? It's not causing any problems, just an annoyance. Thanks.003996: Sep 23 13:04:51.676: SSH2 1: Unexpected mesg type re...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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We have a stack of 2960s at our access layer, connecting up (via a pair of fibers in a port channel) to our 3750x at the core.  We will have Cisco VoIP phones connecting to the access layer.  So for each switchport I've used auto qos voip cisco-phone...

i need to put an ap on a cisco port. however currently its being used as a workstation port. voice and access vlan i want to configure it to  interface GigabitEthernet1/0/99 description Access point xxxxabcd (1088) switchport trunk native vlan 11 ...

Hotpopcorn by Beginner
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I have a physical server plugged into my dmz switch which connects to my cisco asa 5585 firewall.  All my virtual dmz servers are on this server on vlan 80.  Gi1/0/7 is the uplink port.  The physical server is on vlan 80 I want to create a new virtua...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Resolved! VSS in C6880-X

Hi guys, I was reading about C6880-X and found that can work with VSS technology. but how without sup2t modules! like 6708-XL! because in CCW I just found one type of line cards compatible is 10G line card!  I want to understand how can I use it fo...