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4 AP connect to Catalyst 2960

Hello. Help me please. I am have PoE switch Catalyst WC-2960CPD-8PT-L and 4 AP AIR-SAP2602E-E-K9. I am want connect and power AP to Catalyst, but via PoE not swith on mor than 1 AP.. If connect second or more acess points PoE indicator flashes orange...

Nexus HSRP and default routes

I have 2 data centers each with a Nexus 5672UP connected together via an 80Gbps port-channel (2X40).  Each data center has its own Internet connection.  I'm running hsrp between the two 5672's and I've configured hsrp so that the active router for al...

griffijo by Beginner
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Resolved! monitor traffice for spam virus

Hi All I need a command to use in the core router to check if any workstation is sending traffic on port 25 to the mail server I saw one a few years ago to find a specific port for another virus something like - show ip flow | include port 25 ingres...

phil by Beginner
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Unable to establish ospf adjancency or shared routing information between My Nesux 7000 and my fortinet

Hi Team, I need some help if anyone knows about how can i create a ospf adjacency or establish routing information. I'm able to ping the fortinet from My Nexus Core switch but not able to form or establish routing information. I have a static route ...

Resolved! License Question

When I run the sh license command it returns a value "% License not supported on this device".  Does anyone know why? I'm attaching the results from the sh ver and sh run commands. This relates to a WS-C3750G-48TS.

Two Internet Connections

We have 2 buildings 2103 and 2080. We have a fiber connection between them. the catalyst 3560 X Series at 2103 does all the routing. The Catalyst 3560 at 2080 is in Layer 2 mode. 2103 currently has internet from our ISP. We currently have 12 vlans be...

dbrill001 by Beginner
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Upgrade IOS VSS 6509

good afternoon i need you help I have 2 switch 6509-E running vss I need to update the ios version of the sxi4 to sxi14,,,,,, the problem is I have no redundancy with the remote host that manages the vss. ie the host is connected to the switch 1 ...

Resolved! 20:1 4:1 Oversubscription

Hi guys,  I'm trying to apply Cisco recommendation for 20:1 and 4:1 oversubscription rate but I need your help understanding it first. Does it mean 20GB for 1GB uplink?  Here's our senario 2 3850 stacks for distribution/core or collapsed core and 3...

NETAD by Enthusiast
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