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Hi,I have a pair of 9500s running as a virtual stack, these switches use layer 3 SVIs to route traffic between various VLANS. To control this traffic I have applied some ACLs to the SVIs but I have found that if I use the Object-group command the ACL...

rodney83 by Beginner
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cisco says: Packets that arrive at the peer-gateway vPC device have their Time to Live (TTL) decremented, so that packets carrying a TTL of 1 might get dropped in transit due to TTL expiration. You should take this situation into account when the pe...

Hi, recently I've connected UPS APC to our network and seem Cisco Catalyst 9300-48P port where it is connected goes down and then up every 10 minutes. When I start pinging the end device (APC UPS) indefenetrly from my laptop, "flapping" stops, it doe...

Hi all,I experienced high cpu utilization in my chassies since last week.For troubleshooting As per the show process CPU output one of them process (Cat4k Mgmt LoPri) is taking max share of the CPU (80.51%).And based on Show platform health output we...

Would you be able to demonstrate how to delete an image file?I recently downloaded the newest firmware to upload onto the CBS250-48P-4G. The support team suggested that uploading the new image would overwrite the old one. However, when we attempted t...

infraub by Beginner
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Hi AllSome one please hep learning nomenclature or provide with me the link so that a better understanding with products can be made  

arsalank by Beginner
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Hey guys, I'm a beginner. While working on ESS 3300 switch, upon restart switch is stuck at switch prompt. There is no error message, just the following -switch:Initializing disk drivers...SD Card is not presentInitializing file systems...switch:I tr...

swa64211 by Beginner
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Hi,I would use show pipe command to get some detailed output like show interface status | inculde text1 AND text2For example,"show interface status" include vlan "103" and "connected".I tried multiple combination, it looks multi pipe only give you OR...

pfang_eho by Beginner
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HI ALLCan someone help me with this :We are running CISCO WS-C6513-E and having one module WS-X6724-SFP (currently in slot 1) which went faulty and now having WS-X6748-SFP as spare. So will it compatible in same slot?