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Router configuration for security

Hello,  I have a simple network with a number of computers connected to 887VAW router which is connected to the internet via an ISP.The wired and wireless connections are working and able to access the internet from each computer. I am worried someon...

digbym650 by Beginner
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Resolved! Understanding MTU, MSS, Frame / Packets / TCP and UDP - From a beginner perspective (confused)

Hi all, I have read around extensively but i am still not able to grasp the actual relationship of the above.   MTU 1st and foremost, the description of MTU in TCP/IP guide is -> The data link layer implementation puts the entire IP datagram into t...

SJ K by Contributor
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Nexus 3000 admin password not working

I'm new to the Nexus gear and during the initial setup on a 3172 it prompted me to setup an admin password which I did but now it's not working on the console.  I can get into it via ssh but why isn't the local account for admin that I setup working ...

dbuckley77 by Beginner
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DHCP addresses not being handed out

I had a failure of my windows 2003 Ad/DHCP/DNS server so I rebuilt on 2008 R2.. Same server address etc. The server is in VLAN 90 and it will hand out addresses in VLAN 90.  If I hard code an address in any other vlan, I can ping and connect no probl...

miket by Contributor
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Resolved! How to disable the MET Vlans

Hello guys,we are hitting bug CSCuq70431 and as a workaround there it says "There is a backdoor method to disable the MET Vlans."Can please someone let me know what this backdoor method for disabling the MET Vlans is?Thanks in advance,Vesko

vesk01 by Beginner
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EIGRP calculation - why + txload, rxload and reliability

Hi all,   It is known that normal/basic EIGRP calculation =   (minimum bandwidth + (sum of all delay)) * 256 Let's say there a 2 hops from source A to destination B A --bw1--> [R1] --bw2--> [R2] --bw3--> B q1) why does it only use the minimum bandwid...

SJ K by Contributor
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Cisco 2960 downgrade from 15 to 12 issue

Hello all, I performed on several WS-C2960+24TC-L  a downgrade from 15.0(2)SE6  to 12.2(55)SE9.When the switch reloads all seems to be ok but the flash are not recognized (unknown file system).Neither is possible to configure the switch because it is...

dugolotti by Beginner
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