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inter-vlan routing on CIsco 881 router ?

Hello, I have configured my 881 to perform inter-VLAN routing i.e. I am using ports 0-2 as tagged switch ports (with PC's plugged in and addressed on their relevant subnets) and port 3 as a trunk feeding in to port 4 as a router on stick configuratio...

pfrancis3 by Beginner
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Most recent IOS, Cisco 2513

My company is going to have me get CCNA cert. I decided to setup a lab of my own so I can do localhands-on without needing to use VPN, also in case I made some major mistakes, I would be the onlyone calling myself an idiot. I made an impulse purchase...

Resolved! VSS: Enabling NSF OSPF

Hiwe re running VSS with 2 6513-E switches. (Version 15.1(2)SY3) We also run ospf. I can not seem to find answers in the documentation for the follwoing questions:  I want to enable nsf under ospf during production hours. Q1: when i configure nsf, wi...

Resolved! Using different native VLANs on different ports of a switch configured as trunks

Hello, The short question: Is it possible to configure two trunk ports on a Catalyst switch  to use different native VLANs ? I expected the answer to be yes, but in practice it did not work. Why? The long story: We have a 3825 router with an Ethernet...

Cisco 2960X IOS upgrade issues

Hi all,I attempted a remote upgrade of a 2960x today and it failed.I was able to TFTP the image to flash no problem. Set the boot system flash to the new image and copy run start, reload and the switch got stuck in boot mode with this error: error lo...

Ableton34 by Beginner
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Resolved! QoS does not seem to be wokring

This is what I have configured on my Router at head office (only relevant information). class-map match-any EXCHANGE match access-group 102class-map match-any SCCM match access-group name SCCMRules!!policy-map LimitTraffic class EXCHANGE  shape peak ...

arell1234 by Beginner
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PIM Sparse and Dense mode interoperability

From all the studying I have done I have interpreted that when an interface in a cisco router is configured for one mode or the other, that is the way it will handle multicast traffic. As I read and try to fully grasp multicasting I usually run into ...

Resolved! Help Understand Jumbo Frames

  I was hoping to get help in understanding jumbo frames. I have the following setup in our network. If host 1 sends a jumbo frame to host 2 what will happen on the switch. The SVI VLAN 10 has the MTU of 9216 and the SVI VLAN 11 MTU is 1518. Will the...

STP Topology Changes

All, I'm experiencing some oddities with STP on my network. I run the sh spanning-tree detail | inc from|exec|changes on my STP Root Bridge and I'm seeing A LOT of topology changes on a couple of my VLAN's. Here is an example...  VLAN0160 is executin...