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We just got a C9300-48UN-E for our lab.  Not familiar with 9300s.   There is C9300-NM-8X module but on show ip int brief the NM slot is displaying all of these portsGigabitEthernet1/1/1 unassigned YES unset down downGigabitEthernet1/1/2 unassigned YE...

PK99 by Beginner
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Upstream switch: Netgear GS324TP S350 v1.0.0.43 (latest release)Downstream switch: CBS250-8PP-D v3.2.0.94 (latest release)PoE is disabled on both switches (only enabled for the WAP ports on the Netgear)Both switches set for auto-negotiateAll patch ca...

Ed001 by Beginner
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I have a WS-C2960X-48TS-L switch at my customer's site which I've been notified is now running on the RPS2300 power.I am driving up to site in 2 days to inspect, and was wondering what amp fuse is used in the power lead (UK)?

Fred2k by Beginner
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Hello,I’ve a problem with SNMP jitter Mib on cisco IE4000. The CISCO-IPSLA-JITTER-MIB and CISCO-RTTMON-MIB can’t be read while other mibs are working correctly. This is the configuration of the sitwch:ip sla 5udp-jitter 5000 frequency 30sn...

I am trying to understand the mechanics and timing for the recovery from the loss of the root bridge.  From my limited knowledge of STP and RSTP, I suspect all ports would enter Blocking/Discarding while the new Root Bridge is elected, followed by th...

Mike Soha by Beginner
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Hello everyone.I have a problem again.I just set up my HyperV CLuster.Cluster consists of: 3 HP DL360p G8 each with 2 Intel Xeon 2660 V2 10 Core and 64GB RAM.Each server has a Mellanox ConnectX3 Dual 10Gbit network card installed and a second 10Gbit ...

Hi, We are using a Nexus 7004The ver information is as follows. SoftwareBIOS: version 2.12.0kickstart: version 6.2(16)system: version 6.2(16)BIOS compile time: 05/29/2013kickstart image file is: bootflash:///n7000-s2-kickstart.6.2.16.binkickstart com...

JY by Beginner
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Dear allWhat is the transfer rate of the ISR1K?With an IPBase license and without encryption, is it possible to transfer more than 1 Gbps from LAN to WAN?The catalog only lists figures for encrypted and no information for unencrypted. I also found th...

泡爺 by Beginner
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Morning everyone,How do I export a running config and add it to another switch?I remember, not sure how this person did it but they pretty much wrote the config in notepad one time and was able to import it in the GUI.What is the best way to go about...

I have a 9300 series switch configured with multiple Vlans, each of which has an IP address of x.x.x.254  These .254 IP addresses are used as the gateway address for devices connected to the vlan and routing is working nicely. We have c...

lgreco215 by Beginner
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