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3725 unknown port adapter 8T1-IMA

I'm running a 3725 with Cisco IOS Software, 3700 Software (C3725-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(25d), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Cisco 3725 (R7000) processor (revision 0.1) with 244736K/17408K bytes of memory. R7000 CPU at 240MHz, Implementation 39, Rev 3.3, ...

Cisco IOS - RFC 6187 support

I just found out Cisco has introduced support for RFC 1687 in IOS 15.2(2) however I cannot find ANY ssh client implementations that support it. As I am working on a major project to revamp and secure my organizations router and switch authentication ...

Trouble with SNMP contexts in IOS

I'm trying to configure contexts for various VRF's in a router (specifically testing on a 2811 running IOS 15.1.4).  My understanding is that for SNMPv2c, the contexts should be available by polling the device with <community>@<context>, confirmed by...


I have a cisco router   isr4300 runningCisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.13.02.S - Extended Support ReleaseCisco IOS Software, ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.4(3)S2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)getting this error on all interfac...

mabeita by Beginner
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Resolved! Setting port for Voice + Data

Hi,I have a 3850 stack (core & access - server or user) and a couple 3750 switches ("user" access) I'm setting up to support a VOIP install.  The 3750s are trunked to the 3850 stack.  All are at current recommended or greater IOS.Currently I'm trying...

Resolved! EIGRP neighbor establishment problem

HI. I have two switches that where I want to create eigrp neighbor establisment between them. But for some reason nothing happens when I try. No eigrp neighbor establishment is up. What is the reason ?(EIGRP IS OK between R1 and SW1. But not between ...

Does the ARP timeout issue an ARP request before it expires to retain the entry in the ARP cache?

Hi,the default ARP timeout is 4 hours in the cisco routers. When an ARP entry is going to expire, will the device send an ARP request to retain it's entry?for example,if the default timeout is 4 hours, at 3 hour 59 minutes, is there any ARP request w...

dpavun by Cisco Employee
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boot statement on cisco 3560X switch

HI , I am using the cisco 3560X series of switches with the IOS ver c3560e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE.bin.I issued the command boot system flash:c3560e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE.bin in running config and saved.But when I re-check the running config I don'...

Resolved! arp error message on Nexus 7000

hello,we keep getting the following message and I could notr find any information on cisco website and over the web:2012 Mar  4 07:10:46.211 MA-B11-N7-DEV-11-DEV-15 %ARP-3-INVAL_HDR_HRD_TYPE:  arp [16329]  Found incorrect hardware type in ARP header:...

leonmeg123 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Router and Supernets

I have ten location that are all connected via a vlan 922. We have an eigrp Network.  Each location is there own class C subnet. The one i use in the example is 10.9.x.x .   I would like to add a supernet  i tried ...

VLAN ACLs not working

My VLAN access lists no longer work. Initially, they did, but now they have no effect. The setup is on a 3750X and looks like this:VLAN 300IP address access-group V3S out  ip access-list standard V3S1 permit permit 10.11.12....