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Hi guys.I have a lot of brocade MLX connected in MPLS with BGP and I have video traffic traveling. Connected to one MLX I have a 3750 stack and here some DVR and pc that can view the video coming from the various camera, and here with have the follow...

mrnsmn75h by Beginner
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I was trying to understand the need of VLAN Tag in frames over the TRUNK link ?My understanding: Example two switches i.e. switch#1 & switch#2 are connected through TRUNK link.PC#1 ------Connected through switch#1 via access port(under VLAN#1)PC#2 --...

This is on a Nexus 7700 version 6.2(10) For security reasons we have some L3 OSPF SVIs configured as passive interfaces.  However, I have a network tool (it maps and analyzes the OSPF routing world) that must form an OSPF neighbor adjacency with anot...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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we have two layer 3 switch, stacked together, switch 1 port from g1/0/1--G1/0/48, switch 2 port from g2/0/1--g2/0/48switch 1 is active, how can we manually change switch 2 to be active? if switch 1 fails, all port shut down, the user originally conne...

Mary by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I am learning cisco devices for this past years and a little familiar on device command. But this time, i was trying to configure a cisco 1941 router until such time I decided to erase my configuration inputted. I erase the configuration ...

I'm trying to run BFD for OSPF between 6500E running version 12.2.33 SXH and Nexus 5596UP running Version 6.02. The Nexus 5596 has L3 cards and the correct licence. Here are the config6500:_________!interface GigabitEthernet7/17 ip address

ahmede_2 by Beginner
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Hi Experts,  Looking for a link in Cisco website about the Cisco switch feature matrix by model. Any help will be great. Here is an example. Features296037004500650070009000MPLS    Yes VLAN    yes BGP      OSPF        

foysol_bgd by Beginner
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Hi I am currently implementing WOL on a network to enable the WOL server to wake up remote PCs and Wyse terminals on different subnets. On the server VLAN I need to configure an IP helper to the broadcast address on the destination subnets. I have ov...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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