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                   Could someone offer suggestions on the best methods for moving L3 routing from a 3750G stack to a pair of Nexus 5596 switches?  I realize there will be a maintenance window required.  Can I create the same SVI on the Nexus but keep...

jlg by Beginner
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I just bought some used lab equipment: 3 2811's, 2 2950's, and 1 3550.Strange thing is that right after this online purchase, I have had multiple credit card charge attempts for several thousand dollars. The credit card company immediately blocked it...

mndza2222 by Beginner
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i am having router with 2 interface FE 0/1 and FE 0/0. i want to know how many ip's, i can configure on single interface of same router?and when and why we get IP overlap issue on router interface? 

Hi , I am configuring IP on Router1 fa0/0 and when i am configuring IP on Router1 fa0/2 then it's saying overlap.But when I am configuring IP on Router1 fa0/0 and 255.255.255...

Hi Experts, We are planning to replace our existing stack switches (WS-C3750-48TS x 4) with four new switches (WS-C3750X-48T-E x 4). Below are the main differences that I know of between the two models:Current switches:WS-C3750-48TS (fast Ethernet in...

vjcastigo by Beginner
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Hello everyone, I'm trying to get some MIBs for some new ISR 4331's we've deployed. Issue is that I've never done MIBs for Cisco gear before. I'm pretty accostomed to a device having like one MIB with all the OIDs I'd ever need in it. I'm starting to...

esink4601 by Beginner
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