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Hi.We currently configure our switches as below: aaa authentication login SW-ACS group tacacs+ localaaa authorization consoleaaa authorization exec EXEC-ACS group tacacs+ localaaa authorization commands 1 CLI-ACS group tacacs+ localaaa accounting exe...

Bab L by Level 1
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Hello, We at SSIPL Retail Ltd are using 3750-48-TS in stack as a core switch. Since last few days the CP utilization has become high up to 80%Please provide the resolution.Ajit Kumar9810689675ajit.shrivastava@ssipl.in

ajit_bict by Level 1
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I'm trying to get my DNS working coirrectly across a site-to-site VPN connection.My initial problem is I dont seem to cleanly have DNS queries for my VPN LAN go through the tunnel whilst all other queries are resolved out to the web.I have an improve...

Hello, can anybody confirm whether or not Cisco still supports IOS SLB (Server Load Balancing) on current devices (i.e. switches/routers that can be ordered still)?The feature used to be supported on the higher switches (Cat6k) and 7x00 routers, but ...

dfyen by Level 1
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Hey everyone. I am trying to connect my Plant Switch (Stratix 8300) to the Business Core Switch. I am not an IT professional, so I am trying my best by reading manuals and doing Google searches. My IT dept does not support non-Cisco switches (yes I k...

All, On a SF3200-24 set layer 3 what is the advantage of setting a static IP to a VLAN other than the native? V1 - - Thanks Jared

jjpski_69 by Level 1
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All, I am new to whole vlan and there are few things I don’t understand. Everything is working fine on the 2950. I cannot get SF300 on the FE1 or FE2 to be able to ping the server on, which it should. It seems nothing on V3 on the SF300 ...

jjpski_69 by Level 1
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We have several site to site VPN connections and we heavily use SKYPE.we have found looking in the logs that skype is going direct from workstation to workstation using the site to site VPNso we are in effect double or triple encrypting the stream an...

a.reid by Level 1
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Hello All !               We had 3 ports in our LAN connected to a simple 2960 that had Port security enabled with just allowing 2 MAC addresses on each port, Now as soon as we connected one of them everything was good, once we connect any other of t...

I have a Server 2012 R2 HyperV cluster with 3 servers and a Cisco 3560 Switch. I am trying to configure trunk between HyperV server and switch ports. Below is what I have.interface Port-channel10 description  VM Internet switchport trunk encapsulatio...