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Hi - I would like to know if its possible to enable stack-wise port monitoring through SNMP server.Like stackwise port flap, down, etc status monitoring to enable alerts in our syslog server.If anyone knows, please let me know. thanks

Hi Team , We have 5 nos of cisco SG300-24P switch and we are unable to configure below senirao Kindly help us to configure  AreaSectionSubnet AddNetwor AddressSubnet MaskWildcardBroadcast AddressHostIP RangeSwitchRACK 1SEG192.168.0.0192.168.0.0/27255...

Dear All, Please advise on the below.In OSPF, route will not be installed in the routing table if the forwarding address is not learnt via OSPF. So if I have created a static route for the forwarding address on the router, the route will be missing t...

I know the differences in speed, however where I work were planning on remodeling and recabling our offices and my Management has it in thier head that we might as well replace all of our CAT 5e with Cat 6 from switchport to user NICs.  Our trunks ar...

lonmc1977 by Beginner
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Hello. I hope you guys can help me with this. I have a SG50052P switch with a null modem male port on the back that says "console". I've connected a female to female null modem cable to it and tried to connect but when I try with teraterm or putty I ...

Hello, recently at a large branch location a Cisco 2970 gigabit switch died.It was being used as a core switch.I threw in a spare 3560 I had in stock.  It is fast Ethernet, would like to replace with another gigabit switch.2970 was EOL about 5 years ...

Hi everybody, I was doing some configurations using Nexus 7k with OSPF and I saw a point that I wasn't able to find a document with an answer for this. I know that OSPF in NX-OS has its peculiarities, but I trying to figure out the lack of the Routin...