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Resolved! Cisco switch error

Hi everybody,The my problem is MACFLAP_NOTIF  ... Several mac addresses are being flapped between portchannels pretty consistantly. Some output is shown below:Jul 15 12:48:15.538: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host a493.4cd4.7f3f in vlan 1 is flapping be...

HiI am trying to understand how ARP works on the external part of a network, that is between our external routers to the ISP routers. Please see the attached diagram. Both my primary and backup sites area mile or 2 apart and the ISP is using HSRP to ...

Hi,I am trying to config my ASA 5505 to load an IOS via TFTP, from my cpu.  I can't ping between the devices and I cant even ping the local interface on the ASA from itself.  I get the below errors when pinging from the ASA....Also, I pasted the runn...

Hello,After upgrading all 2960 switches and 3560 (inter-vlan routing) to latest software version I more problems than I was hopping to fix. It appears that after upgrading configuration was changed on the switches. I manged to clean up most of it. On...

I am experiencing some really odd behavior when I add another VLAN to the switch, and I am hoping someone can tell me if I am doing anything wrong or what may cause this problem. Here's the topology on how the router and switches connected and everyt...

iftam0001 by Level 1
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Hi, We are trying to setup GLBP and my standby router is "unknown." Below is our config, any ideas? The virtual IP is indeed working, we are sending traffic to it now.  R1 Device: 2901IOS: c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M3.bin!R2 Device: 2911IOS: fla...

nfordhk by Level 1
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We have set up a new DMZ at a COLO but are unable to reach the internet from the DMZ servers. The COLO manages their own firewall and have opened up all the necessary ports for us. Our DMZ is on the subnet. We also have servers on the...

rweir0001 by Level 1
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