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can't get IP address from DHCP

I have cisco 1941 as broadband router, configured as a dhcp server, the ip scope is the problem is some time the client can't get ip from the router. and i have to telent to the router and issue the command: clear ip dhcp binding * ev...

jerryjia1 by Beginner
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Mac Address Table

Hello, In one of our core switches, the output of the mac-address-table shows some mac addresses which come up as MPLS Multicast address when I looked them up under MAC Manufacturer(See below). Also, in the mac-address-table under the port column,  t...

zekebashi by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cisco Router 1921 NAT to internal Service

Hi,I am trying to NAT a service from the internet to an internal server IP and portmy Public IP is xxx.xxx.xxx.166 port 8181 and my private IP is the port 8181 here is my config Current configuration : 2763 bytes!! Last configuration ch...

mquevedob by Beginner
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storage vdc for iscsi?

WE currently run iscsi on the network but it does not have a dedicatd switch for it. it plugs into the nexus 7k core. iscsi is on a diferent vlan than other traffic. does it make sense to move iscsi to a separate vdc? its still under same management ...

Dragomir by Beginner
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Cisco Radius

I have 4 radius servers setup on my switchMy question is I believe if there is no response from the first radius server it will try the second and so on, but what if the authentication is rejected will the switch still try the next radius server?

BGP or LAN Issue

Dear, I am facing this problem since a week and i tried all the way but unable to solve.Kinldy see the attached network diagram picture.We have 4 branches including HQ . We have MPLS VPN and DIA connections in HQ and only VPN in branches from the ISP...

Resolved! VLAN tagging and isolation question

Hello, I've read a lot about VLANs and tagging on Cisco.com and understood the general concept.One thing which is still unclear to me is how traffic is isolated between different VLANs and also what kind of traffic. 1. Could you please explain to me ...

yosefshai by Beginner
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Resolved! VLAN for Management Traffic

Hello Everyone,I'm still learning cisco and networks in general but I need to separate management traffic from the regular network.  The switch is a cisco catalyst 5406-E.  My question is do I need to create a new subnet for the VLAN and how would I ...

LAN / Office Design

Hi All,Not exactly sure on the best place to put this but hopefully a few of you have some advice/experience to share on my query.Basically going to be doing a rip / replace as moving to a new office. Will be reusing a few of the 3850 switches we hav...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Inter-Vlan Routing via multilayer switch

Dear all ;Kindly be informed that I have the following design   - Configuration on Sw 04 :interface gigabitethernet 0/2no switchportip address - Configuration on Sw 03 :interface gigabitethernet 0/2no switchportip address 10....

NAT Issues

HI i am trying to apply NAT on cisco CSR 1000Vwhen i apply the NAT i can to internet from any client in the local network but i can't browse the internet so any on can help about the problem  Router#sho runRouter#sho running-configBuilding configurat...

rashad.exe by Beginner
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