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I'm preparing for a new Nexus 7700, 9300 & 2K project. The overall design is to have a single Nexus 7K core in either data center separated by a L2 link. A pair of 9K's on either data center handling all 10Gb aggregation & 2K connectivity. Going to d...

CNM88 by Level 1
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Hello,I am deploying a 3850 that will have a Siemens phone switch connected to it.  This switch is replacing the current 3560 switch that has qos set up on the ports that connect the phone switch.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for the c...

ej8692300 by Level 1
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I currently have 4 - B22's in a HP7k. They are then connected back to 2 - 5ks, see below. The HP7k has a couple blades connected and configured to the B22 as access ports and trunks, but now 3 new blades were added. Is there a best practice configuri...

bret by Level 3
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Anyone have any idea why ping would fail but a arp entry (port, MAC and IP) in the switch would be made? The device has no firewall and has been verified to function correctly when not plugged into the switch.The switch also showed the correct link s...

jbpollard by Level 1
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Hi,3560X is connected to another 3560X by 10G fiber optic connection (C3KX-NM-10G network module, SFP-10G-LRM on both ends).Yesterday 10G port went down. After changing SFPs, cables I am sure one of the 10G ports on network module is not working, it ...

Hi, I typed the below configuration at a new router, but why enable mode disappear when I use u15 to login? It also means that after I typed username u15 and password u15, it directly entered privilege mode without needing enable password cisco. than...

wfqk by Level 5
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Hi, we have 4507R+E at the distribution layer. Since last 6 months, we are facing a "temperature warnings" in some of our modules including the supervisor modules, the switches are placed at normal room temperature with ACs provided for cooling. When...

Hello, Can someone confirm me if the above switch has 24 10GE SFP+ ports? I cannot find that specific model in the datasheets on the website. However, using the CCW I can add this switch with the following description:  WS-C3850-24XS-S: Cisco Catalys...

Hi I have 3 member (WS-C3850-48P) stack currently running with sw image-cat3k_caa-universalk9  and sw version - 03.06.00E I wish to add a fourth member to stack: -Will the stacking cables reach to the 4th switch ie from top switch to new bottom switc...

curtis03_2 by Level 1
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I have two pairs of VSS catalyst 6500 switches and in between them I would like to place a pair of Source Fire FirePOWER appliances. The appliances look like layer 2 switches and can be configured for link aggregation, but wanted to get verification ...

Hello,I have a Cisco 3850-24T switch (IOS-XE 03.03.04SE) and need to analyze traffic on port Gi3/0/15 with Wireshark on computer attached to Gi3/0/10.I have a monitoring session configured:Session 1---------Type                   : Local SessionSourc...