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Hi I am using ansible to send command "show run" to switches. But the access is refused. It looks like the username and password for the switch are not in correct place of its command. If the username is test1 and password is test2 for these switched...

Resolved! Show Tech on NX-OS

When we run show tech on our NX-OS device it generates a ridiculously large file (over 300MB before we kill the process).The culprit being the 'show system internal biosd messages'.When we remove that section it goes from a 300+MB file to 1MB.With th...

i have  three location both have separate isp connection , ,i have connected both through Ipsec over gre and run isis protocol , when i try to access the device from site A  to site B or Site B to Site A ,router prompt for username ,after entring the...

drohatgi by Beginner
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Is there an easy way to convert Cisco timestamps to local time. For example I'm doing mac address notification based on changesWhen I monitor the mac changes the timestamp is in reference to the router uptime, I believe. Is there an easy way to insta...

Hi All, Am looking to migrate services from old DC to new DC. I got 2 Fibre cross connects between old and new DC for this migration. in the new DC I have stack switch (2 switch in 1 stack) and am planning to connect one fibre in swith1 and another f...

Psmurali89 by Spotlight
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It say that an isolated vlan can not communicate with another device on a port with the same isolated vlan so is it just point to point makes it a private vlan.computer to switch then what is the purpose since it can not communicate on the same vlan ...

First time setting up multicast routing and I'm having some trouble getting multicast traffic to route between VLANs.  I'm trying to use PIM SSM on a Nexus 5500 platform running 7.3(8)N1(1).  Use case is a Grandstream VOIP PBX (UCM6304) sending a mul...

topology.jpeg Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-18-54.png Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-23-49.png Screenshot from 2023-02-04 17-29-24.png
bmesich by Beginner
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I have a CBS350 and wondering if part of the requirement to get voice vlan to work on a port to a phone/pc is to make it a trunk? Is there a way to get a phone/pc to work (on different vlans) via configuring the port mode access? We do this on C9300s...

ryan14 by Beginner
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