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I Have a 3560 series switch 24 ports. I never updated the ios before.. if upgrading to the new version of the ios, will that affect anything... Should I upgrade it? what will be the benefits... thanks for the reply......

A colleague of mine has installed a set of 3 Cisco IE-3000-8TC switches which look like they have had a minimal amount of configuration applied to them, and I have now been asked to integrate them into a CNA community. I can;ping them and get replies...

I am migrating our network to a new metro-Ethernet provider, and at the same time changing our LAN subnet (because we are currently using a non-private subnet for our LAN). I have our current network on using router1. I have configured ...

Hi, Pls see attached diagram. This is the setup. From the PC Vlan (vlan 200) able to ping other server on Vlan 300 except this server & don't know why can't ping this 2 server. I suspect because of this firewall but i ...

Hi AllI have the following situation where I don't really know which solution to pick , would really appreciate some help : The network diagram is attached  (Cores switches are 4506): My question is what is the best solution for users connected throu...

I need to implement Switch port security to one of my customers.So I suggested the following,a) bind the MAC address to ports (switch port security, sticky MAC)b) shutdown unused ports, assign them to unused vlan which is in shutdown state.Customer d...

avilt by Participant
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Hi All, We are testing a new design for our new Data Center refresh project. In my current LAB I have 1 Cisco  3750e Layer 3 switch, one ASA 5520. The ASA and the Cisco 3750 connect on a stick. I am using transit VRF's to connect the two together. As...

Kemal Zuko by Beginner
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Enabling MLS QOS on 2960S seems to "throttle" bandwidth when using a specific Mitel 5320 phone.  I have a PC behind the Mitel and the performance is way slower.  Validated via a speed test.  Once I remove the MLS QOS globally, the performance is grea...

b-ulrich1 by Beginner
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Hi GuysPlease see attached simple diagram. I am in the process of replacing a 6500 switch with a 6800.I need to do this migration in stages so I have connected the new switch to the old via a trunk. Next I want to move some links across but not the s...

Mokhalil82 by Enthusiast
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We just got in two new 4510R+E switches to replace our single 4510R. I'm in the process of redesigning our network and could use an outsider's perspective.As of now, all routing is done on the firewall, which will be done entirely on the new switches...

fodmidoid by Beginner
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