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ASA ACL for new Route

Hi, We have ASA 5505 setup at a client site and have just installed a new VoIP system.  The phones/telco server are on VLAN200 at, computers on VLAN1 at We need to be able to route traffic from VLAN1 to VLAN 200.  I went a...

Resolved! 6509 card-type unknown

Hi,I have added few more modules to C6509-E and when I did 'show module' one of the WS-SUP720-3BXL come up as "Unknown (Other)". Any idea on the possible cause of this?Router#show moduleMod Ports Card Type                              Model          ...

David Kuo by Beginner
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FEX power supply fail/shutdown

Hi, I have a FEX that shows Fail/Shutdown when I issue the command "show environment fex".  However, the status light of the FEX power supply is green.  None of my other FEXes show this behavior.  I also replaced the power supply but nothing changed....

3diamondt by Beginner
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NAT configuration problem on cat6500

Hi expertI have tried to configure nat for a subnet, and I can ping from external, but not get remote desktop work. my configure is below: interface vlan 111   ip address   ip nat inside   if flow ingress   ip pim sparse-dense-...

julxu by Beginner
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Resolved! Backplane, NVI, Null0

Hi,  I recently installed a EHWIC card on the Cisco 3925 router. After that I saw in my network monitoring tool that the interfaces Backplane, NVI, Null0 have started showing bandwidth utilisation. I understand the bandwidth util in the 'Backplane-Gi...

Resolved! Change default gateway for one Vlan only

We have a 6500 core switch which handles all the routing for multiple Vlans.  The cores default gateway is an ASA 5510 to the internet.  All outlying switches are 3750's with trunks to them and are part of the same VTP domain (6500 server).We are int...

dot1q tunnel

Hi guys.I'm trying to setup a dot1q tunnel on a 3560X, but the option does not seem available.SW02#conf tEnter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.SW02(config)#int gig 0/1SW02(config-if)#sw mode ?  access   Set trunking mode to ACC...

Routing issue: SVI vs Firewall interface

GreetingsI have several switches interconnected in my network and multiple VLANs configured with SVI assigned to each. InterVLAN routing works just fine. The switchport connected to corporate firewall is the first port on the main switch (interface G...

LANnister by Beginner
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HSRP issue on Nexus 7018

we are current running 5.1(3) NX-OSThe senario is as followsBoth servers are connected to SW1Box1 = VLAN 20Box2 = VLAN 40 SW1= HSRP Active GW HSRP Standby GW HSRP ...

Resolved! Making 3850 stack members boot same image

 Hey - I tried to create a stack with 2, 3850s. I upgraded one switch to a later version, configured the priority on that same switch as 15, changed the boot system to the new image reloaded both switches but there was a version mismatch. I thought t...

Point to point Fiber connection

   Hi all,  We have a P2P 100 Mb link between our Datacenters.  Connection is terminated on 2960 stack switch on both ends. The configuration on the switch is normal. Today the switch port has gone down. We tot its ISP problem, but after some time we...