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Resolved! CAT3850 missing flash: filesystem

I have been trying to recover this CAT3850 since last week.  I learned yesterday that usb drive needed to be formatted FAT16.  I reformatted usb drive which contained IOS XE bin files.  I tried to install 16.12.05b.  Installer fails.  Here is output ...

catalyst vs nexus

Hi GuysWhat are the main reasons these days for deploying nexus switches over a cat 9k for example? do you really get much more performance over the catalyst line?do most people who by nexus these days by them and do native configs, or do you use dcn...

HSRP between 2 data centers

Hi Guyswhen running hsrp between 2 data centres across a lan link, what are people doing these days, in the design guide when running OTV etc it says you should block the hsrp multicast traffic effectively creating anycast gateways on each site.What ...

E1 PRI Link gets down intermittently.

Hi,we are facing PRI line down issue, Gateway model: "Cisco ISR4431 Chassis IOS version: "bootflash:isr4400-universalk9.16.09.04.SPA.bin" issue is that the link gets down intermittently and comes up after Jack out Jack In. Action taken so far:Configu...

MayurB by Beginner
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Received SSTP BPDU with bad TLV

Hi guys, After power outdage I begin to receive on one of my switch next logs:Oct 28 14:44:23 EDT: %SPANTREE-2-RECV_BAD_TLV: Received SSTP BPDU with bad TLV on GigabitEthernet1/0/52 VLAN138.Oct 28 14:44:55 EDT: %SPANTREE-2-RECV_BAD_TLV: Received SSTP...

4uba by Beginner
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Resolved! Catalyst 9500 IOS_XE upgrade missed reboot prompt

Hello all,This question probably shows my lack of understanding on what actually happens with the activate keyword, but I uploaded a new IOS_XE 17.3.4 image .bin file to a Catalyst 9500 switch, and I ran the install add file flash:cat9k_iosxe.17.03.0...

vv0bbLeS by Beginner
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Resolved! Creating LACP trunk

CCNA PT lab 6.3.4 is walking us through converting each physical port from access to trunk, then configuring the port Channel to trunk. The Cisco CCNA book and some posts do not show this step.Is this needed?  As I believe that creating a port-channe...

Resolved! Impact of changing core MTU

Greetings,A few questions regarding changing MTU on core switch for 802.1Q tunneling support... System MTU is currently default (1500), switch in production network :1. Will changing system MTU to 1508 result in loss of inband management connection? ...

BurbManDan by Beginner
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C3850 MacSec issue

Hello,we've a WS-C3850-24T running software 16.09.06 with ipbasek9 license. When we tried to put the config to the interface we got below,c3850(config-if)#mka policy mkapolicy1 % GCM-AES-256 is not supported % Cannot apply MKA Policy "mkapolicy1"...-...

booleung by Beginner
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