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Hi,Need advise. I have 2 - 6509E switches with 2 SUP modules per switches acting as active and standby. Each SUP has 2 - 10G ports, one is free on both SUP's, so total free 4-10G ports overall. Both are connected back to back and acting as core switc...

We are setting up a new network using a Cisco 2960-X switch through a Cisco ASA 5525 to get to the Internet.  The Cisco 2960-X is set up with  VLANS and the interface with subinterfaces have been created on the Cisco ASA.  As far as we can tell we ar...

Been doing labs and I came across a reference that said IGMP is turned on by default with PIM enablement.  I verified this but Im still not sure why. What services does IGMP provide for PIM?

ndemers by Cisco Employee
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Hi all,All along, I have been taught that 2 IPs must be reserved for any network. The netid and broadcast address.q1) Hence can /31 or .254 subnet mask be use ?q2) can I also say that netid and broadcast address are logical ips that are not really re...

SJ K by Level 5
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This question is used a translator.... Current conditions  - SW1 ----- Power injector ------ AP(cisco is not another model) - Port, AP, Power injector, Switch <-> Injector UTP cable  Problems occur even after replacement - Power injector <->AP UTP ca...

Hi!I have a question about how does option 82 work on cisco switches.From one source, i read that Cisco switches always insert option 82 in every dhcp request by default.From another source, i read that Cisco switches will insert option 82 informatio...

Hi all,If i give ISP's DNS when both isp's up , Internet working for end user.But if one isp goes down , that isp's dns configured machine unable to access internet. but if i give or it is working. How to solve this issue..? I have Co...

Hi, I am trying to connect 4500 x to 6509 e using 10 Gb LR but it is not connecting. on 4500 ports status is not connected but on 6509 port status shows connected. I gave a loop also on 4500 it works fine. Then, I connected 2960x switch using same 10...

 Hi Everyone, I am setting up home lab for BGP.R1 and R2 are connected via EBGP.R1 configinterface FastEthernet1/0/14 description BGP NEI no switchport ip address router bgp 6500 no synchronization bgp log-neighbor-changes net...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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