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This OSPF is mind boggling.  Explanation on this question please: An engineer wants to set the OSPFv3 router ID for router R1. Which of the following answers could affect R1’s choice of OSPFv3 router ID?a. The ipv6 address command on interface Gigabi...

hey guys I am messing around with a cisco ios switch and firewall syntax for the first time. I am just trying to figure out if my syntax is correct before I actually go on and do this for a business switch Currently, I am trying to: (also, this is be...

This is from Wendell Odom's book:An enterprise uses a dual-stack model of deployment for IPv4 and IPv6, using OSPF as the routing protocol for both. Router R1 has IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on its G0/0 and S0/0/0 interfaces only, with OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 ...

Hi  I have question regarding NTP. Current Scenario Physical Server(NTP Server for LAN hosts) ----- This communicates with public NTP source to get time. New designCisco 4500 Switch needs to be NTP Server with the same public NTP source and LAN clien...

vinovinom by Level 1
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Recently I have experienced some disruptions caused by things that should be isolated but impact the entire network.I am trying to track down if this is possibly due to the conditions being too much for our 7600's to handle.The first strange thing is...

In a nutshell, when I try to append the pipe character (|)  to a command in Packet Tracer on a 2960 switch, I get "% Invalid input detected at '^' marker." at the pipe character. For example: show running-configuration | begin line vty Help!

doctore11 by Level 1
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Dear all ,                 we are  using the Cisco Catalyst  3560-X Series Switches in my organization  The power supply (C3KX-PWR-715WAC)of the network module(C3KX-NM-10G) burning  out freequently. the same problem has happend four times  so  four t...

shbn.2010 by Level 1
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Hello, I am interested in some guidance on the best way to peer OSPF over a vPC. I understand by default the peer-link provides loop avoidance which is why dynamic routing protocols cant peer across the peer-link. I did read another article stating t...

Hello everyone I am a for students from China, here is my problem, my English is not good, this is done by google translate. Lab Topology  EnvironmentRHEL6.3 server + sock 0.3.2Host    Entry  sock -v  -b 12345 43415Host    En...

lvpin Lv by Level 1
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Hi all,In my topology (please see attached file) I have configured VRRP  between R1_MASTER and R2_BACKUP, and OSPF between R1_MASTER, R2_BACKUP and R3. In normal case traffic from PC to Server goes PC->R1_MASTER->R3->Server and return path is the sam...