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Hi guys, I trying to use USB device for ESS 3300 switch but the switch is not supporting commands related to USB. Commands like show platform usb staus , platform usb disable are not being recognized by the switch. It'll be really helpful if anyone c...

swa64211 by Level 1
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Hi, In my network we are facing high CPU causing because of multicast traffic... The source of mylticast having 155.x.x.x and Group 239.x.x.x.currently we have placed a access-list to stop causing high CPU as below but now concerned is that we are n...

derawat28 by Level 1
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I experienced the multicast IPv4 address which is used in Dynamic routing protocols.where the broadcast is used ?NID > this is used to advertise network in router, when the BID is used with which protocol and where ?Each net...

M.Sultan by Spotlight
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Hello, I have a config file that was renamed to some gibberish, and I can't get it to change back.  Any thoughts?  Output from my attempts below should explain better than I can...   Switch#dir flash:Directory of flash:/ 3 -rwx 5043 Apr 4 1993 22:02:...

bradm124 by Level 1
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Hi all, I am trying to find a Cisco switch to replace model hwic-d-9esw, a 9 Ports Gigabit Fiber Switch (with 10/100/1000Base-T & 1000Base-X ports), could someone please advise? Grateful for any help.

jltd by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I would need some help understanding an phrase writen in a Cisco manual about UDLD:"UDLD supports two modes of operation: normal (the default) and aggressive. In normal mode, UDLD can detect unidirectional links due to misconnected po...