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Hi All, I am planning to have a radius server installed in my environment. does windows server provide this service? re clients , what software are out there which are free ? thanks

Random44F by Beginner
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Wow...ok what a poop show this has been.Some quick background.  Went to do our first conversion to quad sup VSS with Cat6K's this past weekend.  Failed miserably, in the end, due to some kind of hardware failure on one of the sups.  Had CISCO TAC hel...

Hi,We have two VSS clusters interconnected via a trunk allowing two VLANs.Both VSS clusters have an SVI for both VLANs.Problem is that I cannot ping the IP address of SVI cluster number one from number two and vice & versa.However I can ping a PC con...

lpl by Beginner
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I only need to encrypt an UTP link (UPLINK 1GB) between 2 switches. With MAcsec I could accomplish this.has anyone implemented this conf? is it complicated? For this UPLINK encryption I dont need an ACS right?Do you have any configuration example? Do...

kamarale by Beginner
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Hi..There is lot of confusion about checking interface  circuit utilization. While checking utilization of circuit terminated on an interface, should it be input rate or output rate or total of both. Suppose i have 40mb MPLS circuit terminated on int...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Hi AllI have attached a simplified network diagram of a network that needs to be implemented.I have a wireless network that needs to be on the same L2 network, even across multiple L3 switches. The mobile wireless devices are configured with static I...

hi all, need your advice. can this card (EHWIC-1GE-SFP-CU) work as normal port in router. plan to do a routing like EIGRP, OSPF, or others. when go through the data sheet said it true routed port. can someone confirm this for me.thanks!

do I need different OS image to on my 3750x than the default one that came with it to do SNMPv3, I have 12.2.55 SE5? This question is based on the Cisco statement on the one web page. Due to export restrictions on strong cryptography software, a sepa...

ruminskip by Beginner
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