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Hi All,I have a 4948 running PIM and this is connected to a 3560 Layer 2. As the 4948 sends out PIM Hello messages the 3560 marks it as a DR and sends all it’s multicasts to the 4948. Can anyone help on how I stop the hello message getting to the 365...

Happydays by Beginner
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We currently have a Snort IDS installed in an environment with only one switch. The monitor session config for this is belowmonitor session 1 source vlan 34monitor session 1 destination interface Gi1/5monitor session 1 filter packet-type good rxWe ar...

Hi,This year Intel released a new NIC, the intel i217-LM. These NICs with a windows 7 image will cause an ipv6 broadcast storm if they go to sleep mode. In wireshark you will see something like  "HBH ICMP6, multicast listener reportmax resp delay"; a...

Arjen K by Beginner
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I am trying to assign a static IP to a radar on my network. The mac address is 0100.08de.0000.00I have the following in the running config:ip dhcp pool radarhost 0100.08de.0000.00 when i enter show ip dhcp bi...

Hi,  I want to interconnect ws-c2960-24TC-L +2SFP with 1000Base-LH GLC-LH-SMD or GLC-LH-SM to ws-c3750G-12S +12SFP ports .which model of GLC-LH-SMD or GLC-LH-SM want to select ?I am going to use fiber cable single mode 1310nm 9/125. Do I need Single ...

pereira41 by Beginner
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