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Helloi used to have native L3 connection from core to distribution and distribution to access was L2. The distribution was our demarcation point b/n L3 AND L2.how do i introduce vss in this scenario, we still want the distribution to be our demarcati...

Resolved! VPT equivalent

hi there,I just wondered if there is an Cisco equivalent to the Force 10 VLT protocol to allow switches to simultaneously uplink to different cores. I can see there is a virtual port channel protocal for Nexus switches but don't think it is available...

Hello Guru of Cisco !!!  I have a problem with STP.... I have a switch 3560 and its connected to the core switch by Cisco Aironet 1410 and cisco modem 878. I configured on switches RSTP. But when i open two interfaces in 3560 where connected Aironet ...

Hi All, I am trying to Integrate a 2k with 5k, This is my first experience with Nexus device deployment normally we would be having uplink ports with respect to Catalyst switches and we would terminate the up link to those ports. When i integrate the...

Hello,we have a Cisco 3560G Series and moved the Switch into another 19 Inch rack.After we plugged in into power, the Switch does not boot.Only the SYST LED lights permanent.No reaction of plugin a networkcable.No reaction in putty, black Screen,No r...

bueba1967 by Level 1
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We have started deploying cisco 3850 stacks to replace our ageing 4500 chassis.  However we have a handful of windows 7 systems that have started getting ip address conflict messages at startup.  The duplicate IP is shown as and the mac is th...

Hi, I removed a hot standby supervisor card and made some changes to the configuration on the primary (remaining) card.I did this because I wanted to quickly go back to a working configuration if anything went wrong during the change I was doing. The...

Recently received a problem ticket indicating a threshold violation on Eobc 0/0. This is occurring on a 6509 with software 12.2(33)SXI8. When doing a 'show eobc" I see the following:Interface information:Interface EOBC0/0 (idb = 0x50AD5524)Hardware i...

mctiesman by Level 1
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Hey guys,  I am pretty sure, my subject is kinda confusing. Sorry about that. Here is what happened. 1. 4510r with Supervisor V 1000BaseX, switched over to standby Sup, then reseated Active SUP, once reseat complete, switched again to get the reseate...

Is it ok to use the 10GB-T ports in a 3750X module for server and/or Storage Array connectivity?  What are the downsides of doing this vs handing off to a 10GBT switch like a Nexus instead...  (port buffer, latency etc)

kardos420 by Level 1
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 Hi,I've set up a pair of switches in a DMZ type environment that hangs off of our DMZ firewall.The firewall has a static route to the supernet hosted on the switches via switch interface   The static route is: /19  via 10.1.1...