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We recently had a failure on Catalyst 9300-24t and for about half a day after the failure the timestamps in the show log were as follows. What is the reason for this with a period before the month?Before the outage-----Apr 2 09:56:49.719 JST: <log me...

d-man by Level 1
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Resolved! HX-FI-6454

Hi Everyone If you may assist me with information - if Nexus N3K-C3064PQ 48x10G sfp+, 4x40G QSFP+ switch is compatible as uplink from HX-FI-6454 UCS Fabric Interconnect. If not then suggest the appropriate switch compatible with HX-FI-6454. Thanks.  

shafisyed by Level 1
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I have two switches in stack 3750x and following message is shownError Message PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-4-CABLE_A_CURRENT_IN: Switch [dec] stack powercable 1 inward current is over the limit Any solution and what is reason    

Good morning, Would you be able to tell me how to interconnect a Nexus C93180YC-FX (on a 10/25 Gbit/s Ethernet port) with a Dell Unity XT 380F (25 GbE optical I/O module, block and file access) by iSCSI to create a convergence point between storage a...

RBordais by Level 1
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Hi,I'm having trouble getting to the actual Web Gui of the Cisco 892FSP (C892FSP-K9) Router running ios version 15.x. I did enable the http server from the terminal but I could only reach a very basic text only page as shown below. I certainly hope t...

rocky99 by Level 1
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I have a Cat9k that I've connecting into an Azure Express Route circuit via my ISP. They have told me that it is ready to do and that my customer VLAN is 4001. I've setup the VLAN in Azure as 1001. To me, that means that the outer tag is 4001 and the...

I have several couples of stacked Cisco 9300L.In an interval of exactly 24:05 hours, an unexplained and undocumented log message appears (12 times in a raw). For example:Mar 27 16:47:20 LLDP-Local-Chassi-ID: Global stack mac address retreival succeed...

smeroz by Level 1
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having issue with IP PIM rP-address, it keeps defaulting to the local when I need it to use the exteranl. command is written ip pim rp-address x.x.x.x EXTERNAL_MULTICAST overrideip pim rp-address x.x.x.x LOCAL_MULTICAST override 

kylehash by Level 1
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