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DHCP on 2 VLANs with Internet Connectivity

Cisco amateur here. I am trying to configure two networks: VLAN 1 (native VLAN) for staff/private use and VLAN 10 for guest use. This is for a church and I wish to segregate guest access from staff access. I am using a Cisco 2801 running IOS 15.1 Thi...

LAG / lacp limitations

Hi everyone,I am doing preparation for small project for one of our customers, and while I was doing initial budget estimation I stuck in a clumsy questions about the LAG limitations. Generally the project is to create small computer farm from 40-50 ...

surumov by Beginner
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Service policy content is displayed for cloned interfaces only such as vaccess and sessions

hi ,im trying to use policy-map  to virtutaltemplate interface that is the global interface for the vpdn users :========================================================================R2#sh policy-map interface virtutal-template 1Service policy conte...

cisco router 871 no internet access

i cant seem to get iinternet connection with my cisco router. i there something else i need to do. i can ping both the 871 router and the 2951 switch from this computer. i have another computer connect to the switch that can also ping both. but both ...

vangaynor by Beginner
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Resolved! Question on ARP table on 3750 switch

Hi,So I have a cisco 3750 switch directly connected to a 2851 router gig 0/0 interface.Should the show arp command on the switch show an entry for the IP and mac address of the routers gig 0/0 interface?I dont see one in there now and was just wonder...

Cisco switch uplink

I want to connect our main Cisco catalyst 4500 switch with a Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series PoE 24 Port Switch that is on another floor in our building. Do you use the SFP port on the 3560 and connect it to the GBIC port on my 4500 or can I just use a CA...

amclane by Beginner
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BGP announce only to specific neighbor

Hello forum,is there a method for create a specific announce only for one neighbor on BGP session ? A possible solution can be filter in / out for neighbors but if is possible I won't avoid modifications on actual neighbors' configuration.  The probl...

Map23 by Beginner
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Receiving BPDU on a designated port (STP)

Hello,In a STP converged network, what swtich will do if it receives a superior BPDU (of same root) on a designated port? Will it instantly put its root port into blocking mode and transitions the designated port from listening, learning to forwardin...

zafar_118 by Beginner
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cisco 3845 router was in hung state

Querry 1:I have a cisco 3845 router on yesterday evening , the router was in hung state and we are not able to reach the internet. so Made the standby as active and kept the device isolated. As troubleshooted the device found that the device has gene...

Sri v by Beginner
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