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Hello!I have a problem with access to the hsrp virtual address on the router.Detailed info:I have 1  - core router, and 2 - routers witch connected directly to core router.1 router connected to core router and have ospf point to point session2 router...

illay by Level 1
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Hi, Yesterday I encountered an issue on our network in which we had the port channel between our hubrooms constantly flapping. We isolated the issue by disconnecting all the fibre connected for the fibres and connected them back one by one till the p...

Is there a copper 10Gbps SFP for the Catalyst 2960-S that is compatible for connecting to a 10GBase-T module on a Catalyst 4900M?I know there is some copper SFP's, but I don't know if they are 10GBase-T compatible. Also, with the limited distances, I...

Hi, OK, this is the best forum I could find for this one. Is it possible to team a 10GBASE-T RJ56 port and a 10GbE SFP+ (fiber or twin-ax)? Does the physics (e.g. mixing fiber and copper) prevent it? Thanks,cisco_reader.

Is there any issue with Catalyst 6500 and the new X2 10GBASE-T connectors inside a WS-X6716-10GE module where the connector is not recognized by the sho interface status command? The switch is running IOS 12.2(33)SXH8b.The connector is unkown as show...

JPavonM by VIP
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                   I was looking at a NAS  and it had a bult in 10GBASE-T interface (Cat 6A or 6 wiring).  I do not see any X2 or SFP+ modules that directly support that. Is there any such single interface module for the 3750X or the 6500? This is no...

gp1200x by Level 2
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I have a Cisco 3600 Router in front of our network and we will be moving a few websites to a new server.I'd like to add a few rules to the 3600 to redirect all traffic from one  of our ip address to the ip address of the new servercan this be done?If...

jjj092353 by Level 1
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Hello, I have a particular problem: on a router with one in and one out interface, i want to route all traffic, but i want to bridge one specific well-known MAC address. I wonder if this is possible. On a cisco router, I can do IRB, but each interfac...

gnijs by Level 4
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Hi Cisco community,I was wondering if there is a known problem as to why the ip multicast-routing [distributed] option is not available on the Cat 3850 platforms global command " ip multicast-routing " is accepted  the configuration guide named:IP Mu...