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What kind of equipments, what series router can be used to connect a leased line,in  a office of 50-60 users,and the steps of setup and configurations in details,Condsider the budget also.what kind of port/interfaces are used to connect a lease line?...

Hello, say I make a change to the config of a router or switch, such as the addition of new lines.If I then decide I want to revert to the original config, I understand that I can just paste the original config back in via the terminal.However doing ...

Hi there,Yesterday all of sudden some of our machines(dumb terminals) could no longer connect to their server. A quick test - I disconnected the Ethernet cable and plugged it into my laptop, pinging any server on my network was at 50% at the most som...

johnny_5 by Beginner
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 Some particular devices ( android os ) is not getting ip address from  dhcp server. But windows clients are getting the ip address. How can i troubleshoot this issue , anything need to be done on the access ports 

susim by Participant
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I have a couple questions that I cant find the answer to (which surprised me).Do all NIC(s) in a team need to be plugged into the same blade (switch), or is it technically a single stacked switch?HP Server NIC teaming and ESX Nic teaming docs have di...

Hi,I have an issue with a Catalyst-4500 (4507R-E, ipbase, 12.2.46SG), that is running very hi CPU since some days: By investigating, I observed a couple of processes that are realy CPU-consuming: I don't know where to look ... Some help and/or some s...

battanc by Beginner
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Has anyone the LAB MANUALS for ICND 1 & ICND2 ? Also have you the WORKSHEETS for them too? Also Im after CLASS NOTES ( Overhead Projector) for both ICND1 & ICND2 ...

aqusingh7 by Beginner
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We have four Nexus 7Ks connected as a core network with vPC redundancy between all four.  Two of the 7Ks are connected to a 6513.  The 6513 was the spanning-tree root for the network.  Power to the 6513 was cut.  Approximately 8 ports between the 7Ks...

Alex Pfeil by Rising star
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