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mls qos configuration inquiry

Hi Everyone!A co-worker of mine was recently involved with swapping out a Cisco 3550 switch with a Cisco 3560-E. For some reason, he wasn't able to ping the switch or connect to it through another switch and all uplinks and trunking was setup correct...

s-wallace by Beginner
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Modular IOS vs Non Modular IOS

Please share some knowledge bout the modular ios and non modular ios... how to check wat kind of ios it is??? I found that one of modular ios is hitted with lots of bugs and cisco dont recommend to use the modular ios, why is it so i did couple of go...

Karan Puri by Beginner
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General acl

Hi,I create 3 VLAN in the router. it working well right now.I have question, how to do access list in order for:-1.VLAN 300 can;t see VLAN 200 but can see VLAN 100?below is my config:version 12.4service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamp...

IP SLA on 6509

I need to activate IP SLA on my 6509 switch. I ran "sh ip sla?" and I did not see IP SLA on my switch. Problem is I went to download the latest IOS that has IP SLA and figured I would check my current IOS against the latest and according to the Cisco...

scottdean by Beginner
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Question regarding DHCP snooping

Hi AllI have an issue within my Test network. I am having issues with Games consoles playing and then having network drop outs where there is no internet connectivity for 5 mins all longer. Then the connectivity reumes itself after a while. I have a ...

Resolved! Spanning Tree Protocol modes

I have two switches connected with two cables. One port is configrued as trunk and another port is configured as access on each end of the switch respectively. Spanning tree has blocked the port configured in trunk mode, due on higher port id. I know...

mugil0901 by Beginner
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Cisco Switch

I was checking the specs of Cisco 3750G-48 port switch stated that it does 38.7 mpps on a 32GB Switch Fabric.Am I right to conclude the oversubscription 6:1?Thanks,

abbas.ali by Beginner
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ASA 5505 behind Router

Hello togehter,i have following setup at the moment:Modem -> ASA 5505 -> LANwhere the ASA is on the outside : DHCP configured, getting route and dns via DHCP, dynamic Wan IPinside : ( dhcp server enabled for lan side connected clients )A...

Resolved! Some trunks are connected at 100Mbps

I have C3750E as a coreswitch and C2960G as access swtiches. All switches are connected to coreswtich using CAT6 cable and interface is configured as trunk. When I check the interface status on coreswitch I can see some of the trunk lines are connect...


im doing the lab 8.4.2 CCNA 2 but somehow it doesnt work:/ any help?---Posted by WebUser Charalampos Skeleton C'trattou from Cisco Support Community App

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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