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 Hi All,Has anyone seen this error before "Event:E_DEBUG, length:67, at 99657 usecs after Tue Oct  7 13:43:43 2014    [116] [19260]: l3vm_if_get_context_info failed for iod Ethernet4/11"The error is from Nexus 7010.Thanks in advance for any help. 

fdimitros by Level 1
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Hi! i have some problem with configuring MEC on Cisco Catalyst 6880.Configuration: 2x6880 customized technology VSS, when I want to connect to the server MEC to them (assuming the correct setup etherchannel on the server side), the interfaces on a sw...

Resolved! DHCP issue in VLAN

I have a router on a stick setup i guessMulti-WAN doing a load balancing in pfSense5 Vlans setup on one interface and 1 DMZ setup on another interfaceVlan 1 being used for Management w/o DHCP ServerVlan 24 for intranet Wifi w DHCP ServerVlan 30 for i...

charles037 by Level 1
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Hello All, I have 4 C4500x switch each two switches configured VSS, i don't  bought any extra license but when i configure the first two boxes as VSS i saw this License Information for 'WS-C4500X-16'    License Level: entservices   Type: Permanent   ...

Steev112 by Level 1
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Hi all, In attachment you have my Campus Network topology that needs to be configured. As you can see, it is a hierarchical structure, where the distribution layer consists of two layer 3 switches, and the core layer consists of two routers. Layer 3 ...

prankic85 by Level 1
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First off, I know there was another topic somewhere in the discussion boards about 3750 high CPU utilzation which I've referenced.  Just looking for some feed back on my scenario here. We're experiencing some intermittent network issues and I'm start...

I had a unscheduled service interuption that caused my 6509 to lose power. I have the 6509 plugged into an UPS. When power was restored it immediately booted into rommod. I figured it may be a corrupt ios image so I went to a working 6509 and copied ...

krisolsen by Level 1
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Hello everyoneI was suggested to go here from the MS technet forums, as my problem originally was related to TFTP, PXE and ConfigMgr, but it seems the problem can be a cisco router. I copied the thread i made:m having a rather peculiar issue with hor...

Hi everyone. We have the following topology:  VSS is working fine on both sides. We can ping each 4500-VSS and telnet each other without any problem. Interfaces Te1/1/1 and Te2/1/1 are part of a Portchannel on each VSS. 4500X-A and 4500-D are VSS act...

I have 2 devices on the each end of a Point to Point.  One side has a Nexus 5000 the other end a Catalyst 4500.  We want a trunk port on both sides to allow a single VLAN for the moment.  I have not worked with Nexus before.  Could someone look at th...