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A large number of output drops seen on interface gi1/0/2 of a 3750 (12.2.52SE code). The output of show buffers show misses in the big buffers poolmore than others.Additionally, the port-asic indicate the drops are seen on queue 3 weight 2.C3750SW#sh...

waelkuku1 by Beginner
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Dear,I have just joined this helpful community. Since I am still a newbie, it is my hope to comprehend through our discussions. I would like to ask few questions about 3750X stack switch:What kind of switches are considered as provisioned switch?What...

linhdhd by Beginner
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1)    I am going to connect all mgmt ports of server to this access switch (L2; 2960x) like below. Then I have a management port in 2960x (FastEthernet / L3 port). As you can see below, even though one of Core switch is down, I am able to access thr...

Hi,I have a network as shown below. Where, Sw1 is running R-PVST and other switches Sw2,Sw3&Sw4 are aunning MSTP. Sw2 is the IST and CIST root. The issue is, whenever I try to ping from Sw1 to the switches running MSTP, I can't ping without allowing ...

Dear all,I configured a quiet easy PBR config for a test szenario, but it will not work. when I add a static route for an exmaple destination it works. So i guess the PBR is not working but I don't know why, also the debug didn't show me an error..Ve...

If I have a vpn site to site tunnel with only one host on each end, how do I block everything except those two hosts talking together and still use the vpn tunnel so that the data is encrypted?

amberjcole by Beginner
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Hello community,I had a spanning-tree issue a while ago with 3 switches and I am cracking my head of why this happened. I need an explenation for future reference.I had a 3750 acting as a L3 switch and a 2960 trunked behind the 3750. All switches had...