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Dear Team, Anyone have the experience for monitor the vlan traffic across 2 Nexus 6k switches? My scenario are 1 of the monitor server are direct attached to the 1st unit of N6k intend to monitor 2 vlans, but this 2 vlans are span across vPC where it...

Internet Router--->3550 Switch-->Nortel Contivity63.169.164.134-->> All the devices are having public IP addresses and are in Vlan 100.Sometimes the Internet Router is not able to ping or connect to the Contivity where ...

bhupeshg by Level 1
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I add some new switches in the cisco network assistant.but some 2960-X are showing device not supported.only 2 3560X are showing up.what is required for the 2960-X to show supported?

yeow_km by Level 1
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Hi All,I am planning to use 3548 in the distribution layer, will be having some HP L2 blade switches connected to a pair of 3548s  via 10G doing vPC and planning to run EIGRP on them. Wondering if there is something I need to consider and be concerne...

Ruterford by Level 1
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Resolved! OSPF BFD Query

Hello, i have one query regarding to configure OSPF BFD feaure for only one interface the scenario is, i have three routers, i just want to configure the BFD on the interface between R2 and R1 as showing below: R1 ---------- R2 ---------- R3 my quest...

Steev112 by Level 1
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How to upgrade/downgrade firmware of following switch.                     Please kindly inform how to do it.                     - Download site                     - Process required                   [Version that  want to use] ・Catalyst3750X : 15...