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I am looking for help on what the QOS configuration should look like for a 6500 that sits in the core. I know there are many resources for me to read (and I intend to read them), but I'm in a huge crunch to get a friends connection up ASAP. All help ...

jvankirk by Beginner
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Dear All,I have a Cisco ASA5505 with Security plus license, and there are 3 VLAN configured on the ASA5505.VLAN1 insideVLAN2 outsideVLAN3 guest wireless VLANEthernet0/0 access VLAN 2 connected to ISP with static IP addressEthernet0/1 is trunk port co...

I've done this one other flavors of switches.  This particular switch is thousands of miles away and tftp just won't cut it.  FTP will.  In fact, I transferred via FTP to a 3750X switch earler today on that same network.The 3750G switch errors out ev...

tdennehy by Beginner
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I'm having trouble setting up multicast on SG500X switch.  I looked through this guide:http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/csbms/Sx500/administration_guide/500_Series_Admin_Guide.pdfThat did help some but I'm still having trouble un...

Dear Team,Have a clarification regarding a LAN design. I have Cisco 3750 in stack configuration acting as core switch. The access layer switches are 2960X in stack mode. I plan to have link level redundancy as well with the ports from each of the 296...

OKay.....so I'm confused here....I'm sure it's simple, but I'm baffled. Everything is always simple....only if you know it however.... Please help me! Let me know if I need to provide anymore information which may assist.Below are my troubleshooting ...

                   I have switched ISP's and I'm trying to get my cable modem to communicate with my Cisco DDR 2200. I want to configure the DDR 2200 as a wireless router only. What ports do I use and how do I configure that port to receive the signa...

Hi Everyone,I need to add acl to edge router.This router already has extended acl 115 which have hunderds of  line.i need to insert below acl to allow traffic from anywhere on port 80 to IP 200.x.x.x which is routers outside inetrface.sequence number...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,I have a FEX that shows Fail/Shutdown when I issue the command show environment fex.  However, the status light of the FEX power supply is green.  None of my other FEXes show this behavior.  Can someone shed som light on this?  Has the PS failed o...

Hello,I have used all ethernet port on my ASR-1006 and i need more ethernet port, can you tell me how i can add this and whitch model of this interface can i use?

Med Aly by Beginner
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Hi all;Suppose I have the two following subnets:Subnet A: B: I create the following access list:IP Access-List Standard 10deny anyNow I applies the above ACL in VLAN 20 as follows:ip...