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VSS domain ID best practices

Hi all,A very simple query here. Just looking for some feedback and examples of peoples thoughts regarding this.When issuing domain IDs VSS' in a single organisation at what number do you start issuing from? Do you start from 1 or 255 or somewhere el...

Multicast Data Drop on 3750X

We are currently experiencing random multicast data dropouts on ports that are connected to a 3750X in VLAN ports.A test PC was connected to a routed port and we do not have any dropouts of the multicast data.We also took a 2960G and plugged it into ...

James_S33 by Beginner
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3750X performance after one member reboots

Scenario:Pure 3750X-48PS ip base stackOne switch reboots from a power issue (possibly the master switch? Haven't confirmed yet in the 3 cases I've seen)The rest of the stack stays running fine (as it should), the rebooted switch rejoins the stack jus...

ieee1284c by Beginner
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Switch to ROMMON from IOS

Hello,i'm not sure, but i think i heard once that it is possible to switch (not boot!) to ROMMON mode during a fully loaded/bootet IOS with some Key sequence.Is that correct or am i mistaken? If so, to what platforms does that apply to? And where can...

Resolved! router interface bandwidth assignment

Dear, If I have 10Mbps internet bandwidth for company used and I would like to assign bandwidth to both fastethernet and Tunnel, which of the below setup is correct to assign bandwidth(If I have 10M, does it limited and not excess 10M like below?  7M...

alan-wong by Beginner
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ip policy route-map does not working

Hi,I tried to apply the ip policy route-map command to an interface vlan X, but is not working.Switch Ports Model              SW Version            SW Image                 ------ ----- -----              ----------            ----------            ...

Resolved! 1841 - no outside connection

I've got a (lab) 1841 router, that wont connect to the outside(internet)Cannot ping from routerMy config isCurrent configuration : 1005 bytes!version 12.4service configservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msec...

sp0000003 by Beginner
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Unicast flooding issue with 3750g

Hi all,Sniffing on an host interface connected to my 3750g I get many unicast packet destined to different hosts and not coming from the machine where I started the sniffing task. Doing some investigations I realized that several mac addresses was di...

ASR1002-X maximum BroadBand Session

I have a request whereby they need 50,000 maximum sessions on a 5Gig connectivity.i did the excersice based on 1006 (looking at the link: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/asr1000/configuration/guide/chassis/scaling_ps9343_TSD_Products_Configur...

Monitoring tools?

Hello,I'm using Netflow and Solarwinds Orion NPM at work to monitor routers and servers and ports on switches, one of the tools that is great is the real-time bandwidth gauge tool which lets me see how much bandwidth a port is using on a server or ro...

Private vlans

Hi, everyone.I have some questions considering private vlans. I understand how it had to be configured and who it works in general. But i have some questions considering its functionality in depth.As i understand during the frame encapsulation proces...

vg224 flashcard problem

Hi! I have a strange problem with my vg224. I see this message during boot:flash: CompactFlash not present.And my vg224 boot in rommon. But I can see flashcard like slot0, I can normaly boot router from rommon:rommon> boot slot0:vg224.binI cann't do ...

paa by Beginner
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