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Errors on etherchannel link to Nexus

We have a port-channel from a 6509 to a vPC to Nexus 5k. Now one of the links has high errors, high input and CRC errors on the interface in the 6509, high output error on the Nexus.

kmong by Beginner
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layer2 vlan reachibility

                   I have a layer 3 switch onto which I have created a layer 2 vlan and assigned 3 ports to this vlan, 3 PCs are connected to these ports. As per my understanding all there PC will be able to ping each other if configured with same ip...

Cisco Linksys E1000

Hi,We have three Cisco Linksys E1000 connected in one network. Is it possible to setup those wifi routers into one SSID, Password, detectable signal for all devices? If yes, please teach me how to do that.Thanks,John

3750X network module question

Good Afternoon,We are looking to utilize the 10Gbe ports on our Network module we have in our Cisco 3750x switches.We currently have a stack of 2 switches. We are looking to keep our 1 GBe uplinks in a Port-Channel to our core while servicing 10 GBe ...

IPv6 forwarding

HiI'm a beginner in cisco routers, so pleas bare with me. I like to complicate things, so I got one IPv4 and /64 IPv6 addresses. In attach picture is a network that I would like to build.I got one cisco 1800 router with C181X Software, Version 12,4I ...

Resolved! EIGRP Issue

Hi All,   Ok, we got two routers on a site to site VPN tunnel. Tunnel is up and EIGRP is talking. The problem is on Router B it's not getting the correct route(s). Take a look at the output below. Any help is greatly appreciated!Router A=======router...

milkboy33 by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS missing/corrupted on Cisco3560 switch

Hi I mistakenly deleted the IOS from Cisco 3560 switch. Actually I wanted to upgrade and I uploaded new image and deleted previous one.But new image did not match with switch firmware and switch ended up looping boot process.I deleted new image as we...

mehmoodch by Beginner
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Resolved! Questions on Fiber cable specification for 10GE

Hi all, I've got a campus network where all buildings are connected via single mode 1GE fiber. I am looking into upgrading the campus to 10GE and wondering if I can still use the existing fiber. I'll be putting in 3750-E switches with 10GE uplink to ...

dtran by Contributor
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EIGRP all FD are infinite.

Hi All,Planning a migration from OSPF to EIGRP. I'm firing up the EIGRP on my devices with an AD of 120 for internal and 170 for external. I was hoping to check the topology tables and verify the correct routes are being learned, metrics look correct...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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