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Resolved! Speed negotiation in interface Gigabit

Hi forum,I have a question about speed negotiation process between interfaces. I have 3650X Sw and 2960S-48port. All ports of two are GigabitEthernet, however the link between them is only 100Mb/s, Full duplex. I try to set the speed 1000 Mb/s manual...

tranminhc by Beginner
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Resolved! Most Stable IOS for Cat 3750 - Cisco Lab

As the title states, what is a good IOS version to stick on a 3750 (normal, no X or G series) switch? This is being used for a Cisco Lab in my CCNP - SWITCH studies.Normaly I referance INE's site though they dont have a 3750 (only 3560) IOS recomenda...

i am unable to obtain ip add from dhcp which i have created in the ROUTER 881 please can any one help me in this regard when i am going with default pool which i get in new router ,my pc is taking from dhcp pool but when i create new pool try to not wrk

HOME#sho runBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 5558 bytes!! Last configuration change at 20:14:39 UTC Sat May 18 2013 by cisco!version 15.0no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno servic...

ARP broadcasts not reaching all VLAN ports on 3550

Hello, I have a weird problem and need your advice.Cisco 3550, interface Vlan9 ip address secondary ip address VLAN Name                             Status    Ports---- -------------------------------- ...

Resolved! VTP Modes client and Server -- SVI Vlan

Hi all,Here is the setup.Say we have Switch A  as VTP server mode.It has vlan 10 only  but not any SVI  vlan 10.It has conenction to switch B  which is VTP  client mode.This switch has  SVI  vlan 10.Is this design ok?normally VTP client gets updates ...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Clear spanning tree counters question

I recently issued the "clear spanning-tree counters interface vlan <vlan id>" command on a 3750-X switch running IOS 12.2(55)SE3 and using PVST spanning tree mode.  Rather than just clearing statistics the switch immediately began reprocessing the sp...

SSH missing cat4503 15.0 IPbase

After deleting configuration with „write erase“ and reloading, our Cisco Catalyst 4503 with version cat4500e-universal.SPA.03.02.00.XO.150-2.XO.bin, and licence ipbase, doesn't recognize any command regarding SSH. We tried configuring SSH key with „c...

hbrkanic by Beginner
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Resolved! Port Forwarding not working on some ports

Hi, I've created some port forwards from my public IP (Dialer0) to our private LAN but only the 25565 port forward works. I've even added an anyany statement to the Nat source list Homenet_NAT. Any help would be much appreciated, full config attached...

eagletec1 by Beginner
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boot image 15.1.1 upgrade

In   our test environment I upgraded Sups 720 to Sups 2T. The Sups 2T came with IOS   15.0.1. Looking at to the latest IOS; I found IOS 15.5.1. I upgraded to this   version and things seem to be working OK. In the web site, there is also   image s2t5...

jjiles by Beginner
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Best Practice / Design Question

So im working in a new enviroment and want to makes some design changes to the enviroment. I wanted to bounce my ideas some of you folks to see if my thinking is on the right path or maybe i could do things better.Setup:Currently the setup that i man...