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I have a one router cisco 2900 series,with a dsl link speed is 2mbps,now we are upgrading speed to 4mbps on same dsl link,just we change the username,so i want to know when i upgrade from 2 mbps to 4 mbps,i need to change some configuration on the di...

Hello,We are facing High CPU usage on one of our Cisco WS-C4503 switch. Below are the details of troubleshooting done so far.CPU is high since last 4 days continuosly at around 80%.No configuration changes done on this switch since last 2 months.'sho...

All,I am configuring a stack of new Cisco 3850's. In the past, we have always used 3750's with the switchport command "mls qos trust dscp" for the purpose of trusting markings sent across from our VOIP phones. This is not an option on IOS-XE so I am ...

Below is the EEM script I found when looking to troubleshoot high CPU (This is not related to the HULC LED bug).  We are consistently run above 80%, and it seems to be periodically with no pattern.  In an attempt to catch what is going on I added the...

Rick Morris by Frequent Contributor
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I am learning how to intrepret the config files on the routers I recently inherited and I find that both include the "resource policy" command but are not followed by any policy configurations.Here is what I think I understand:The "resource policy" c...

cubix75604 by Beginner
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Hello ,   I need help to ping my virtual ip of HSRP groupFirst i will explain my scenario I have  a lan with 4 switches of cisco 2960 model inter-connected with trunk links and  , then i  created 4 different vlan for e.g Vlan 10 ,20 ,30 ,40 in core s...

Hi,I am using ME3400 Switch for setting WDCMA for L2 switch config. Packet Loss is trigger on RBS and collission detected. RBS setting for duplex is Full duplex and ME3400 switch duplex default : auto I have try to change duplex setting on interface ...

armn42811 by Beginner
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I have an 2 RV042 VPN router , i can connect 2 sides when my local side 192.168.1.x and other side 192.168.2.x... but i cant connect when my local side 192.168.1.x and other side 192.168.1.x... My question is : Is it possible to be same subnets at 2 ...

Resolved! Quick BGP question

Hi guyz,do you know if we could set a router as RR for an ipv4 address family in a certain AS, and set another BGP router as RR for vpnv4 address family under the same AS?if positive, is it a good practice to do that or not?thanks! Soroush.       

smehrnia by Rising star
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All,We are running into an issue with a new 3750 - 24 port switch. The switch is setting ports that phones plug into as 'faulty'.  Doug-SW1#sh power inline Module   Available     Used     Remaining          (Watts)     (Watts)    (Watts) ------   ---...

HI,i have applied below script and i can see the script successfuly exceuted but i cant see the file which should store on the flash.Below is scriptevent snmp oid get-type next entry-op ge entry-val 60 exit-time 10 poll-interval ...