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hi all,trying to find a firmware download for cisco Nexus7000 C7010 but cant find it in the support downloadscan anyone point me in the right directionthanks,rob

Hi,  I have above switch which I have tried to update from 16.3.1 and I have took it to 16.3.6 but not without a struggle. At first, it completely failed to boot even after telling me that firmware upgrade was successful. I have managed to use usb wi...

kzahoor by Beginner
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Dear ALL,   I 'm configuring the C1000-16T-2G-L, the interface should be 16 GigabitEthernet (1/0/1-1/0/16) and 2 fiber port(1/0/17-1/0/18), i plugged the 2 x GBIC to fiber port and use "show inventory" can see the two 2 x gbic(1/0/17-1/0/18), but i c...

Resolved! EtherChannel

I am doing a lab in GNS for EtherChannel facing issue. below are thinks done with both switches.. 1. port range f1/1 - 32. channel-group 1 mode on3. switchport mode trunk when doing :- show interface trunk its showing status not-trunking.  

ssnachy0 by Beginner
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Hi,I know this basic difference between the ISL and dot1q. But i'm trying to understand the difference between them as per the operation.Can someone please explain ?------------ISL is cisco proprietary and presently it is supported only by few high ...

Hi I would like to know what are all to be factored during merger and acquisitions. Currently am playing role where Company "A" acquiring Company B. Company "A" has 100-120 locations spread across the globe connected on hybrid( MPLS + Internet), few ...

ved89 by Beginner
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Resolved! Stack modification

Hi,I have a stack of two cisco 9300-48p in production.Switch# Role Mac Address Priority Version State --------------------------------------------------------- *1 Active xxxx.xxxx.xxxx 15 V03 Ready 2 Standby yyyy...

simc92 by Beginner
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PC1 “” and PC2 “” are on the same switches LAN, there is no router connected to the switch, and both computers are Windows 10. There are ten computers in total connected to the switch. Problem.PC1 sends a message to PC2 and th...

Hi,  I have got this as my main switch however I want to upgrade the firmware as its never been updated. I am unable to see above model to download firmware on cisco's website? thank you

kzahoor by Beginner
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HUBI have 5 Windows 7 computers all connected to an eight port HUB.  PC1 wants to send a message to PC3;   The person on PC1 pings the ip address of PC3.  The first time, the message is sent to all "broadcast " computers connected to the HUB, then PC...