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Hi,We currently have 3750 switch stacks for our office LAN (6 switches in each stack).  These are now end of life/support and are failing on a regular basis.We are looking to replace them and I am just wondering what people would recommend to replace...

Resolved! weird PVST issue

Hi everyone,I am getting loop in my network inspite of running pvst.PVST is running on two switches that are connected to each other through etherchannel po1.on one switch root port is po1 as it priority is high. similar configuration is done on othe...

Hello,We are in stage of designing the core netwokring for one of our customer.Our customer is a Finance Institute, having two building. Each building has two 6509 core switches. Total we have 4 core switches. Both buildings are connected to each oth...

anis_cisco by Level 1
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Hello everyone,I have pretty basic setup. I'm desperate here and need assistance.  My 3750 is ipbase ios 12.2. I have been trying to find solution for a week now.I got 2 vlans 10 and 20 and one layer 3 port connected to internet router 10...

malakipaa by Level 1
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I work for a very old company that owns a class B IP range. I've been given the task of moving our lan addresses to class C.I was going to start with the following approach;- create a new dhcp pool on existing win 2008 server with class C range- crea...

Resolved! dhcp relay + vlans

I work for a very old company that owns a class B IP range. I've been tasked with changing our lan ip addresses to class C as they plan to sell the class B addresses.My plan was to add a new IP pool to our existing dhcp  server (win 2008) for a new v...

Hi, are there any type of debug monitoring cli commands that should be used with caution and that could crash a switch (L3 switch)? Just out of interest. Thanks

Andy.S by Level 1
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I have a 6509-E with dual 3000W power supplies.  Each is plugged in to a separate UPS, and they are the only things plugged in to those UPSes.Something very odd I notice is that one UPS shows a 30% load, while the other only 10%.  The 6509 is configu...