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Hi.I have Cisco ME 4924 with 24SFPdownlink+4SFPuplink+2Xen10Guplink.What is the difference between uplink and downlink ports?What is the default configuration is set up at these ports? For example, for ME3400http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/m...

Hi all,Just in case there is a way I am not aware of. Let's say I have a range for a VLAN: /24, and I need to deny www traffic to ten(10) contiguous hosts from thru This statement:deny tcp  - 192.16...

johnramz by Beginner
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We have a pair of 6509's setup in VSS. Our distribution layer is port channeled to the 6509VSS, one connection going to 6509A and the other going to 6509B. Our vlans live in the 6509's.We are setting up a trustwave NAC appliance and have a spanned po...

Hi,I have a single 2960s without stack module. The stack port has a status of down, however I'd like to disable it so that it does not generate a false alarm in my NMS. The documentation states that there should be a command "switch 1 stack port 1 di...

Dear All,I have cisco 4510R with sup6 and iam trying to inistall 1G SFP module on sup 6 and i given the fallowing cmd to change 10g to 1gcat4500(config)#hw-module module 6 port-group 1 select gigabitethernet.Core4500#sh hw-module module 6 port-groupM...

Folks,we know with native vlan and trunk port we can configure inter vlan routing with an external router. But how to configure inter vlan routing with a routed port? do we still need native vlan ip? what will be the draw back of using routed port?

sugatada9 by Beginner
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Hi All,We have a requirement to send span traffic to a destination port for monitoring purposes on two 5000s with some 2000 fex boxes attached.Some of the servers are making use of frames larger than 1500. we have not changed any mtu configuration on...